Are you pregnant? If the answer is yes you must visit ‘The Pretty Company’. It’s a wonderful online maternity wear shop.

labour gown from the pretty company

Calling all pregnant ladies! I have found a treasure trove of a website you will love to know about. It is called The Pretty Company and they sell the most gorgeous maternity essentials. In this sponsored post I will talk all about the company and the lovely things they sell. There will also be lots of pretty photos!

The lady who founded the company is called Rebecca and it has been a real pleasure to speak to her via email while I was preparing this post for my blog. She is such a friendly person and judging by the amount of polka dot products on her site I would say she is a fellow polka dot fan. :o)  She is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about any products and you can get in touch with her by sending an email to, by phoning 0161 408 1711  or via twitter or facebook.

It would be far too hard to just pick one favourite item to highlight from the site so instead I’ll pick lots of my favourite things….

My absolute top pick has to be the bestselling gorgeous brown with white polka dots ‘Zoe Maternity Gownie‘. It is £29.99 and it is a pretty hospital gown that you pack away in your labour bag (a.k.a The ‘has to be packed from at least month 7 of pregnancy….just in case‘ bag!) ready to change into when you go to hospital.

The 100% cotton Gownies are available in the following polka dot designs:-  Zoe Gownie, the Molly Gownie (pink with white spots), and the Nicole Gownie (blue with white spots). As I’m polka dot mad there is no need to point out how much I love these! If you are thinking of buying the Nicole Gownie you might also like to add the matching spotty pillowcase to your basket. It is £9.99 and it looks lovely in the photos. What I like most about having a matching pillowcase (pillow inner not supplied) is that you can use it while you are in hospital and then once you get home you can use it as a pillow for your new bundle of joy.

labour gown from the pretty company

The polka dot Gownies are available in 3 sizes – Small/Medium (Pre-Pregnancy 8-14), Large/X-Large (Pre-Pregnancy 14-20) and XXL (Pre-Pregnancy 20+). I think it is absolutely excellent that they go up to a size XXL as it means everyone can benefit from a Gownie, even those of us who were of a bigger build pre-pregnancy.

The Gownie is machine washable and I love Rebecca’s idea of washing the Gownie before you take it to hospital so it smells of your favourite laundry liquid and reminds you of home. The website describes it as ‘Hospital staff approved and appreciated‘. :o) There are no ties on these gowns, just easy to use press studs that allow for the doctors to access your body for monitoring or medical intervention purposes.

You can also buy 100% organic cotton versions of the gowns. They are £39.99 each and they are called the Ella Gownie, Sophie Gownie and Pretty Paisley Gownie. There are 3 other gownie designs you might like and they are the fun Sabrina and Julia Gownies and the elegant Helen Gownie. Those 3 designs are £34.99 each.  All of the Gownies I have just mentioned above (with the exception of the polka dot ones I talked about earlier) are available in 2 sizes – small/ medium and large/ xlarge.

I am quite sure that any mum-to-be would love to receive one of these pretty maternity gowns from the aptly named ‘The Pretty Company’, as a pregnancy gift. It is an exciting time when you are expecting a new baby and what you don’t want to be doing is spending time worrying about what to wear when you are in hospital. If you buy one of those stylish hospital gowns that will be one less thing you have to worry about. You will also know that by wearing one you are following in celebrity footsteps as the Nicole Gownie was featured in the film ‘What To Expect When You are Expecting‘ (worn by both Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks) and the Gownies have also appeared in the USA version of ‘The Office’.

pregnancy wear from the pretty company

There are not just labour Gownies available in that wonderful online shop but hospital Gownies too. So if you are reading this post-birth and don’t need a labour Gownie but you do however have to go into hospital for something else, then you might like to look at the pretty hospital gowns that you can buy. There are lots of different prints available and they are available in 2 sizes. If you know someone who is having to go into hospital or who is currently staying in hospital then buying them one of these bright and colourful gowns is sure to help cheer them up. You can see all the available hospital Gownies here.

Other items that you can buy from The Pretty Company are BabyBeMine Maternity belly bands that can be worn either pre or post pregnancy, fun labour socks that have the words ‘Ready Set Push’ written on the soles, polka dot baby bundlers + hats to match the Nicole and Molly gownies, luxurious maternity pyjamas that you’ll love to lounge around in, polka dot nursing nighties that look fabulous, absolutely fantastic polka dot pre-packed maternity bags and dotty changing bags.    I have to say I think the pre-packed hospital bags are a great idea as they contain lots of labour essentials and all you need to add is yours and babies clothing, etc. The best thing is that after you have used the bag for your labour ward visit you have a stunning changing bag to use for all your ‘trip out with baby’ necessities.

Here is what you get in the pre-packed hospital bags:-  Travel Essentials Colgate Dental Kit,  Neutrogena Lip Balm, Earth Botanicals Spa Nourishing Shampoo, Spa Conditioner & Spa Shower and Bath Gel, Antibacterial Wipes, Huggies Newborn Nappies x 5, Disposable Knickers x 2,  Maternity Pads (Optimama) x5, Neutrogena Vanity Kit,  Hair Ties x 2, Nappy Sacks x 5, Mints, Soft Cotton Flannel, Dove Deodorant, Spa Slippers, Kleenex Tissues, Comb plus other discount vouchers.

pretty hospital gowns from the pretty company

Standard postage is free for all clothing items from the site but you can choose to have expedited delivery for £5.00. There are also delivery charges for orders of changing bags and pre-packed hospital bags. On the website you can read the returns policy and I also recommend you read the ‘About Us‘ page that tells you exactly why Rebecca chose to start her fabulously named company and bring Gownies TM here to us in the UK.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this sponsored feature all about The Pretty Company and their products. I have really enjoyed writing all about the glorious dottie gowns and bags on my blog!

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