Review Of Botanicals Organic Skincare

botanicals organic skincare reviewBotanicals Organic Skincare sent me a sample pack of their products and this is what I thought :-

Revitalising renewal mask: rose clay & rosehip

This was soft on my skin and didn’t dry it out. I got 4 face masks out of the 5g sample size pot. You would need to invest in the first instance but a pot of this face mask would last a long time and be beneficial for your skin. A 60g pot is £19.99.  This mask smells and feels luxurious. Normal masks are hard to wash off but this one was very easy. Just a few splashes of water and it rubbed off my face. After I removed it my skin felt super smooth.

Nourishing face balm: rose & camellia

After the face mask I applied the facial balm. It had a whipped texture, it felt very lightweight on my skin and the fragrance was gorgeous! I got 4 applications in my 5g sample pot. A little bit of this went a long way and only a teeny bit was needed per application. This product smells divine and in my opinion it is best to use it at night so it has time to be absorbed into your skin. This is a luxury product and a 50g pot is £27.95.

Organic facial oil: rose & camellia

I loved using this 5ml bottle of facial oil. It had a lovely fragrance and it made my skin feel so soft.  Only a little bit was needed for each application. This has been specially blended to help restore radiance to dull and dehydrated skin. This is £18.95 for a 30ml bottle.

Anti-ageing facial serum: rose & camellia

This is a concentrated skincare treatment that is made entirely from high performing pro-active botanical seed oils. It was easily absorbed by my skin and it was non-greasy. I really love the fragrance of this serum. A 30ml bottle is £27.95. I got lots of use from my 5ml sample size bottle.

botanicals review

You can view the full range of Botanicals Organic Skincare items on this link —>

They have loads of lovely skincare items to choose from! What will you treat yourself to?! 🙂

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