Review Of The Handmade ‘Queen Of Hearts’ Vintage Inspired Party Dress From Jelly Lane Originals

polka dot girl's dressAre you looking for an extra special party frock for your little girl? If the answer is yes then please pop over to the Jelly Lane Originals website and have a look at their wonderful vintage inspired handmade dresses. They have tons of retro charm and I just know you will adore them.

My daughter is a very lucky girl as she was sent a polka dot Queen Of Hearts party dress for me to review on this blog. I chose to receive the dress made up in the Blue Spot fabric with Red Spot Lining, Tie and Hem. It is also available in the following designs:-


queen of hearts party dress by Jelly Lane originalsI fell in love with the Jelly Lane Clothing the moment I saw their website and when the dress arrived I  knew that I was quite right to love the clothes as much as I did. I am positive that Jelly Lane Originals is going to be a brand that everyone everywhere will want to dress their kids in, just as we do with brands such as Joules, Boden and Next.

polka dot cotton party dress

The dress has a tie which you tie into a big bow (see other photos). For photographic purposes I have displayed it as a heart …as it’s called the Queen Of Hearts party dress.

The brand is called Jelly Lane Originals as the company HQ is based on Jelly Lane Farm on Jelly Lane in Belton, Rutland. I love the name of the company as it is fun and original. We all know no-one can resist Jelly (and Ice cream) and I’m sure people won’t be able to resist Jelly Lane clothes either!

polka dot party dress

Queen Of Hearts party dress. Photos courtesy of Jelly Lane Originals

The Queen Of Hearts dress I was sent is such fantastic quality. The handmade party dress is stitched to a superb standard and I would go so far as to say it the best made item of clothing in my daughter’s wardrobe!  The dress does not have a cheap price tag, in fact it has a luxury price tag….but I would expect no less as it is a luxury item of children’s clothing! This lovingly handcrafted garment from Jelly Lane Originals is more money than I would normally spend on a dress for my daughter but there is a very good reason for the higher than high street price tag…..this dress has been lovingly handmade and stitched with love. This means that someone has spent many hours of their life creating this special dress for your daughter so that she can proudly wear it on her special occasion.

polka dot party dress by Jelly lane OriginalsThe clothing from Jelly Lane Originals are not mass produced overseas like a lot of clothing available here in the UK. They are instead designed and made here in Great Britain in limited quantities.  A dress bought from Jelly Lane is one to be treasured for years to come and it will be worn time and time again before finally being outgrown and then handed down to another child in the family or kept as a keepsake.

Jelly lane clothingThe attention to detail on the Queen Of Hearts dress is amazing. There are pin tucks, button loops, a lining and the most gorgeous red and white polka dot buttons! Each and every stitch is just perfect and there is no mistaking that this handmade dress has been made to an extremely professional standard. I am very impressed with their work and actually in awe of their sewing talent! I love to sew handmade clothes for my daughter and I now aspire to be as talented a seamstress as the Jelly Lane ladies that sew these dresses.

The dress my daughter received was called the ‘Queen Of Hearts’ but there are other dress, skirt , top, trousers and nightwear styles available. Here are the current garments available in the Jelly Lane Originals Spring/Summer 2013 collection:-

The price for standard postage to UK mainland addresses is £4.50 per order or free if you spend over £150. They also offer the option of choosing next day delivery or having your order posted abroad. You can read more about the prices for those options by clicking here.

Jelly Lane clothingIf you would like to read more about the story behind Jelly Lane Originals please read their ‘About Us‘ page and take a look at their press release from the Country Living Spring Fair website .  I also recommend you start following their blog as you will love the ‘Behind the seams‘ blog posts that they write about their clothes.

Jo George is the designer / director for the company and I can honestly say she is one of the friendliest ladies I have had the pleasure to deal with whilst writing my blog.  She was quick to respond to any questions I had and she was always down-to-earth in her replies. I urge you all to buy from ‘Jelly Lane’ the next time you are looking for a unique outfit for your child as I would love us all to keep backing mumpreneur Jo and her homegrown business.

kid's mini polka dot tote bagJo knew how much I love polka dots and when she sent my daughter the dress she also very kindly included a matching polka dot mini tote bag. It is oh so adorable and my daughter loves it! These mini tote bags are not yet available on their website but Jo is hoping to add them to the collection in the not too distant future. However, as it stands at the moment … my daughter’s tote bag is still a Jelly Lane Originals EXCLUSIVE !!  I’m very honoured. Thank so much Jo :o)

If you are thinking of buying some clothes from Jelly Lane Originals as a gift for a child then you will be happy to hear that the garment comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper which is secured in place by ‘Jelly Lane’ branded stickers. On top of the gift is a fabric tag with a decorative button. It looks stunning! It’s these kind of special touches that make all the difference.

Please go and say hi to Jo and her team on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Tell them Kim says hi.

Before I go, I just wanted to let you know that Jelly Lane Originals have just announced their latest dress design to be added to the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. It is the absolutely stunning Tiddley-Om-Pom-Pom Summer dress in charming seaside print!

Check out the photos below……

Tiddley-om-pom-pom summer dress by Jelly Lane Originals

Tiddley-Om-Pom-Pom summer dress by Jelly Lane Originals

You will be pleased to know the new retro print summer dress will be added to their website really soon.

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