Review Of The Eco-Friendly Boc’nRoll Re-Usable Sandwich Wrap from Gilberts

boc n rollI love the new Boc’nRoll from Gilberts. It is a resuable sandwich wrap and is called Boc’nRoll not only because it sounds fun and catchy but because the Spanish word for sandwich is Bocadillo.. It is available in 4 vibrant colours. My daughter was sent a fab lime green one to use and she loves it. The other colours are Purple, Blue and Dark Grey.

The Boc’nRoll is like a fold-up placemat which you put your sandwich in and then you velcro it up around the sandwich to keep it all wrapped up and fresh until the time you get to eat it. The velcro adjusts according to your sandwich size so you can rest assured your sarnie will be kept in tip top condition until the time you get to eat it. If you are using the wrap for your kid’s lunchbox then you’ll be pleased to know their is a name tag label for you to write your child’s name on.

Here’s a rather cool video with funky music that shows you how easy it is to use the Boc’nRoll.

My daughter uses hers for her cheese and pickle sandwiches and the best bit about it is that it saves me wrapping them up in tin foil or plastic sandwich bags which then get binned and end up in landfill.

The inside of the Boc’nRoll is wipe clean and the outside is a cotton material. The wrap can even be washed in the washing machine if needs be. I haven’t needed to do this yet though as the outside is still clean and the inside just gets wiped down each time after it’s been used.

I think the best thing about this product has to be the fact that when you unwrap it the wrap forms a large personal placemat for you to eat your lunch on. This is a great idea for kids and would be a godsend for mums with kids in highchairs. The reason being they could take the (empty) Boc’nRoll sandwich wrap with them when they eat out at restaurants and they’ll know their child has a clean and hygenic surface to eat their food off.

The Boc’nRoll can be bought from lots of different places and this includes online shops such as Top Gourmet.

The sandwich wraps retail at around the £8.00 mark. It is not a cheap way of wrapping your sandwiches but it is a way of wrapping your sandwiches that will stop you filling landfill up with all that dreaded cling film, tin foil and plastic sandwich bags. It’s by making a conscious choice, like trying to find an alternative way to wrap your daily sandwiches, that we can all make a difference to the environment.

If you have a friend or family member that does their best to be ‘Green’ then I think a Boc’nRoll would make a thoughtful little gift for them. It shows you want to encourage them forward in their rewarding eco-friendly ways.

I’d like to say a BIG thank you to my PR friend Pam for sending me the fab Boc’nRoll to review. She has also organised for me to review lots of other wonderful new products on the market and all those reviews will be live in the next few weeks.


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