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glass baby bottles from Pookie and peachThis blog post is about the ultra modern Lifefactory’s Weego glass baby bottles from Pookie And  One of my friends was expecting a baby boy and one of the items she really wanted to buy for her newborn was glass baby bottles but she could not find any available on the high street. So I stepped in and said I would try and get some online for her so that I could then review them on my blog. That is how I came across the fabulous website that is ‘Pookie And Peach‘ and the wonderful Alex who founded the company. You can read about why she started the company here.

Alex was very kind to me as she agreed to send me two of the bottles, free of charge, so that I could review them on my blog. Bless her….she even let me pick the colours that I thought be suitable for a baby boy…Sky Blue and Sunshine Yellow. The other colours available are as follows….. Orange, Dark Blue, Baby Pink and Magenta.  On a personal note ,my favourite colour is the Magenta. I would have loved my daughter to have had a bottle like that when she was little.

lifefactory weego glass baby bottles from pookie and peachThe bottles cost £15.00 each and they are made by a company called ‘Lifefactory’. The bottles can hold 9oz of milk and the glass baby bottle comes with a coloured silicone sleeve that helps make it easier for baby to grip on to the bottle. The sleeve also helps to prevent breakages of the bottle if it is dropped. I can actually say I did the drop test ….although I have to admit it was unintentional!  The bottles arrived at my house for me to then pass on to my friend. My mum picked up one of the empty bottles to take a closer look at it and then she accidentally dropped it on the kitchen floor!  I was mortified as my friend was so looking forward to getting her hands on the bottles and I thought the worst had happened and one of them had broken…..but no…it hadn’t. It was perfectly fine and the bottle had indeed been protected by the silicone sleeve. I’d like to mention that I was extremely impressed with the beautiful gift wrapping of the bottles. They were wrapped up in purple tissue paper and there was a delightful ‘Pookie and Peach’ postcard with it that said thank you for my order. The outside plastic bag that the bottles were delivered in even had an adorably illustrated ‘Pookie and Peach’ label with my name and address on. It is these kind of special touches that really matter. :o)

glass baby bottles from pookie and peachThe baby bottles are made of high quality thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass. This means they can be moved from freezer to boiling water without any issues.  The borosilicate glass is well known for it’s supreme durability and in combination with the patent-pending silicone sleeve this means the bottle is perfectly fine used by your little one.However as the bottle is glass it is not completely unbreakable but as long as the silicone sleeve is kept on the bottle it should reduce the chances of any damage occurring to the bottle if it is occasionally dropped. I would however always say it is advisable to keep an eye on your little one whist drinking from a bottle, be that glass or plastic. By the way, the sleeve doesn’t need to be removed when you wash the bottle but if you want to remove it for washing you can.

The Weego glass baby bottles and sleeve are microwave and dishwasher safe. This means you can quickly heat your baby’s milk in the bottle and then safely wash the bottle clean using the high temperature of a dishwasher. (Please remember to remove the teat and lid before putting the bottle in the microwave as they are not able to go in there)

As the bottles are made of glass they will not scratch like plastic can. The reason this is good is because scratches can harbour bacteria and that is the last thing you want happening in a baby’s bottle. It is also reassuring to know that because the bottles are glass they are BPA free and BPS free. There is also no dreaded phthalates, PVC or polcarbonate in the bottles which means none of those chemicals can leach out into your child’s drink. The other good thing about glass bottles, from an eco-friendly point of view,  is that they are 100% recyclable!!

The 9oz Weego bottle comes with a stage 2 silicone teat which is suitable for children aged 3-6 months. You can however buy standard teats in the shops which will fit on your Weego glass bottle if you wish to use the bottle with a younger or older child.

Pookie And Peach charge a flat rate postage charge of £4.00 per order within the UK and if you spend over £50 delivery is free. It wouldn’t be hard to spend that on the site though as there are so many funky and fun products to buy! You can also have your order delivered internationally but you would need to contact them to find out what the postage charge would be.

pookie and peachOn a final note, I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning 3 of my favourite items from Alex’s website.  So here goes…..

  1. I absolutely love the Fairy Print Tee from Paperwings and what is more fabulous is that Pookie And Peach are the exclusive UK stockist of the brand! The garments are truly unique and just so pretty.
  2. Any little child would love the Stacking Magic Tree by Janod. My daughter has always loved playing with stacking toys and I know she would have loved this when she was little. It makes such a change from plain coloured stacking cups.
  3. I love colouring in pictures with my daughter and for that reason I think the Colour In Silicone Place Mats from Modern Twist sound fantastic. They come with 6 coloured dry erase markers so your child can colour in the printed picture, wipe or rinse it clean and then do the whole process again and again! Perfect fun for kids and a great product to take with you when you go out for dinner or round someone’s house for the evening.

I think Pookie And Peach is a superb website that is really easy on the eye and showcases products to their full potential. Alex has done a fantastic job of sourcing products for her site that are not only unusual but useful too. I have never seen or heard of many of the products or brands on her site and that is amazing considering the amount of time I have spent searching the web for all products baby and child related. The categories on the site are ‘Brainiac‘, ‘Get Creative‘, ‘Treasure Trove‘, ‘Garments‘, ‘Toytastic‘ and ‘Outlet‘.

I am so happy to have been able to review for her wonderfully named website and I don’t hesitate in recommending her online children’s gift boutique to you all. I also adore her logo/branding….look, it’s gorgeous!

logo for pookie and peachPlease pop by and say hi to the Pookie And Peach team over on Twitter and Facebook. They would love to chat with you and to help you find the perfect gift for your child. Don’t forget to sign up to their newsletter too so that you are kept up to date with the latest products and offers. (You will find the newsletter form at the bottom left hand corner of the home page)

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