Sarah Newton, Independent Consultant For NYR Organic (Neal’s Yard Remedies)

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Today’s sponsored feature is all about Neal’s Yard Remedies consultant Sarah Newton and the wonderful organic skincare products she sells. I’m sure lots of you have heard of the NYR Organic brand as it has been around since 1981 and they were the UK’s first certified organic natural health and beauty company.

NYR Organic is an organic skincare brand that is very well known around the world. They are not only famous for their wonderful products but also for their iconic blue glass bottles. The blue coloured bottles are used for the products as they minimise the amount of damaging UV light that can reach the contents. This means that NYR can then do their best to avoid using preservatives in their natural products.

I haven’t personally used their products but I have heard lots of good things about them from friends and family. They are an ethical brand that prides itself on selling all sorts of natural and organic skincare products, cosmetics and so much more. In a moment I will give you a full list of all the NYR main product categories from Sarah’s website.

Sarah lives in Essex and became a consultant for NYR Organics when she suddenly developed allergic eczema because of an allergy to methylchloroisothiazolinone which she found was in her chosen skincare brand that she had been using on her skin for years. You can see a photo of her allergic reaction in the photo album on her NYR facebook page. Methylchloroisothiazolinone is a preservative chemical found in nearly all skincare brands available on the high street and in salons. This chemical can even be found in some supposedly ‘natural‘ brands. Thankfully she was introduced to some skincare products by Neal’s Yard Remedies that didn’t contain the preservative chemical and her allergic skin condition soon cleared up. Thus the reason she fell in love with NYR Organics and decided to become an independent consultant.

Here are the direct links to the NYR Organics product categories from Sarah’s website:-

What’s New, Rejuvanating Frankincense, New Bee Lovely, Face, Cosmetics, Body, Bath & Shower, Hair, Gifts, Mother & Baby, NYR Men, Books, Aromatherapy, Herbal Remedies, Supplements and Sun.

For this post I asked Sarah to let me know 10 Neal’s Yard Remedies products that she would like me to introduce to you my lovely readers.

neal's yard remedies organics products from sarah newton independent consultant for NYR Organic

Here are her choices with links to buy them from her website:-

1. Frankincense hydrating cream – This 50g jar of cream costs £24.75.  This cream contains Frankincense and Myrrh and their rejuvenating properties will help to reduce fine lines. The cream contains plant oils which are rich in Vitamins A and E. These vitamins are essential for healthy skin and are perfect to help revitalize a tired complexion. There is a glowing review of this cream on the Secrets Of A Beauty Addict blog.

2.Beauty Sleep Concentrate – This 30ml pump bottle is £31.50. This concentrate will support skin’s night time recovery and help to prevent premature skin ageing.  It replenishes and refreshes the face and it can even increase skin’s moisture levels by up to 98% over 12 hours.

3. Wild Rose Beauty Balm– This 50g jar is £37.00. This balm is deeply cleansing and nourishing. It will help to restore smoothness and radiance to your skin.  You can choose to use this balm in 3 ways – as a deep nourishing balm for dry skin, as a simple cleansing and exfoliating balm, or as part of a full facial treatment to decongest and enrich the skin. An organic muslin cloth is included with this. There is a lovely review of this balm on the Secrets Of A Beauty Addict blog.

4. Melissa Hand Cream – This 30g tube is £13.50. It is a nourishing hand cream that you can massage into your hands. It will moisturise and soften the skin whilst leaving it fragrant and feeling revitalised.

5. White Tea Toning Eye Gel – This 10ml bottle is £23.75.  This cooling eye gel will minimise the appearance of dark circles. It is suitable for all skin types. It contains anti-oxidant, anti-aging white tea.

6. White Tea Facial Mist – This 45ml spray bottle is £11.00. It contains anti-oxidant white tea and aloe vera which will protect your face from environmental damage whilst at the same time re-hydrating and revitalising the skin. The Bach flower remedies impatiens and crab apple are amongst the ingredients in the spray and they will bring a sense of clarity.

7. Baby Balm – This 50g jar is £11.00. The balm will protect and calm the skin because of the gentle, moisturising ingredients which includes olive oil, coconut oil and shea nut butter. It is a baby balm which can be used on children of any age, including newborn infants. It can applied to the face, body or nappy area. It is ideal to smooth onto clean dry skin after bathing or nappy changing. The oils in the balm will lubricate the skin, while the beeswax and shea nut butter will provide a thin protective layer that will keep normal skin moisture in and nappy moisture out.

8. Baby Barrier Cream– This 225g jar is £15.25. This preservative-free cream is a very popular NYR Organic product. It is made with soothing organic Roman chamomile in a base of nourishing organic sunflower oil. It also contains antiseptic zinc oxide which will help to prevent nappy rash. You can either choose to rub this cream in well or leave it as a visible protective barrier on the skin. It can be used on children who are 3 months or older.

9. Pre & Post Pregnancy Complex – This jar of 60 capsules is £14.50. These supplements contain a super-nutritional blend of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with folic acid, iron and zinc. They can be taken before, during or after pregnancy. They can even be taken if you are breastfeeding. If taken when pregnant they will help to maintain nutritional intake for you and your baby.  (Please note:- You can take two capsules a day, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner, preferably with a meal. You must not exceed the recommended daily dosage. These supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. You must make sure to keep these out of children’s reach and in a cool dry place).

10. Mothers Bath Oil – This 100ml bottle is £14.75. This fragranced organic bath oil smells delightful because of the mix of Bergamot, Lavender, Cardamon and Ylang Yang oils. It can safely be used in the bath water both during and after pregnancy. It will help to keep your skin in tip top condition and the essential oils will encourage a sense of well-being and tranquillity.

I have also picked my own choice of product to highlight to you all, it’s the Beauty Sleep Body Butter (as seen in the first photo of this blog post). It is £22.50 for a 200g jar. It is a body butter that you apply to your body before bedtime and then when you wake up the next day your skin will be silky smooth and deeply nourished. The body butter contains an aroma-therapeutic blend of essential oils that will calm the mind and promote a restful sleep. 94% of NYR testers agreed that the Beauty Sleep Body Butter hydrates skin all day long.


Lots of the Neal’s Yard products are award winning and you can see all the awards here. The products are also no stranger to good press coverage and you can see some of the articles by visiting this page.

If you have a little bit of spare time I would recommend you have a flick through the ‘digital’ pages of the latest NYR Organic catalogue. It showcases all their products beautifully. Don’t forget if you see something that takes your fancy from that catalogue, you can place your order on Sarah’s website and have your new beauty treats sent direct to your door.

nyr organic logo neal's yard remedies logo
If you would like to read a bit more about Neal’s Yard Remedies please take a look at these interesting articles about them from The Ecologist and Optima Magazine websites. After you’ve read through them, if you find you have any questions at all about their products or need some advice about which products would suit your skin, please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah. She is such a lovely lady and she is more than happy to talk you though the NYR Organics products that are available. You can contact her on 07774323757 or you can email her on sarah (at)

It has been a real pleasure to write this sponsored feature for Sarah and I am pleased to say I will be writing another post about her very soon. It turns out that Sarah is also a determined lady who left her job in marketing to retrain as a holistic massage and beauty therapist. The reason she did this was none other than she wanted to change the world! And do you know what….I have no doubts about it ….I really think she will do it… holistic pampering session at a time! Here’s a quote from her website ‘…. my Vision is to make a difference by helping everybody feel their peace and reveal their beauty. If everyone had higher self esteem and felt beautiful and confident the world would undoubtedly be a better place.’. I whole heartedly agree with Sarah and it is for this reason I am going to write all about her business ‘Edge Of Eden’ in a separate non-sponsored post next week.  I hope by writing that blog post about her business it will inspire you all to follow your own dreams too. If you can’t wait until next week to read about Sarah’s massage and beauty therapy company in Brentwood, Essex  you can read more about it here on her website straight away.

If you are on twitter and facebook please stop by Sarah’s accounts and start following her. She is always posting useful skincare tips and the latest NYR news. You can find her on twitter as @NYRO_Sarah and on facebook at Also, it would be great if you could start following her blog as well.

Thanks for reading this post everybody. I hope you enjoyed hearing all about Neal’s Yard Remedies.

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  1. Neil

    Sarah knows her organic products inside out, trust me! I’ve seen her work and had her treatments and I know how sincerely committed she is in encouraging people to take notice of their health and welfare in the most natural way.
    If you’re looking for sound, ethical advice on skin care and holistic health then Sarah is a great place to start.


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