Hop Over To Ibis Hotels! Here’s a video of their new ‘most comfortable hotel beds ever’.

Hi everyone. Just logged in to my blog to share this really cute video with you from Ibis Hotels that shows a whole family of gorgeous little bunnies napping on ‘the most comfortable hotel bed ever’….an Ibis hotel bed. Whoever shot the video did such a fantastic job and the darling little rabbits look so comfy on their lovely snuggly bed. You must take a minute to watch it. It only lasts 1 minute 10 seconds and the whole time you’ll be going ‘oh bless them’ and ‘how sweet’. My favourite shot is right at the end when you see one of the bunnies laying flat out on his back dreaming happily. You too could sleep as peaceful as that if you stay at an Ibis hotel. :o)

Please share the video with your friends and use the hashtag #ibisbunnies.

If you have a minute it would be great if you could pop over and follow Ibis on Facebook. Thanks everyone

* Please note that this blog post is sponsored content. I have not been told what to say but in return for publishing the video I will be rewarded with an e-voucher for Amazon. I am working with a fabulous company called Spreaditfast.com who I really hope I have the opportunity to work with again.

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