Cheer up your day and watch this Visa ‘Contactless Payments’ fun TV advert

I’ve got a fun video here from Visa that I’d love you to all watch. It’s one of those videos that you know everyone is talking about as it’s unique and has the creative elements that make for a much-loved, unforgettable advert.

The video is showing how we can all ‘Feel Faster, Flow Faster’ when using Visa contactless online and mobile payments.

The video shows a Grandad going on a very special journey after receiving an important call. The exciting discovery of being able to pay for things using Visa Contactless payments really helps him on his way……

Isn’t it a great video! I love the music as it fits so well with the theme of the advert. You can find out more about Visa Contactless payments on their website –

Do you know I have never yet tried mobile payments or even contactless payments but watching this video shows how it can really speed things up if you do pay this way…. I’ll have to give it a go! As they say…’Life Flows Better With Visa’.

This was a sponsored video which means that I have been paid to publish the video on my blog. As this is a self-hosted blog this money helps me to pay to keep the blog up and running. :o) I haven’t been told what to write though…..that bit was down to me and my creative mind. Sadly don’t think I’m creative enough to create a great advert like the Visa one though.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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