Review Of Sabichi ‘I’m A….Brushed Stainless Steel Kettle And Toaster’

sabichi kettle and toaster reviewSabichi very kindly sent my brother and his wife a new toaster and kettle as a house-warming gift for them when they moved into their new home. They were both absolutely over the moon with their new brushed stainless steel kitchen appliances!

I had agreed to write up the review on here for them but I’m afraid I have been very delayed in doing so. I am very sorry Sabichi …..however…one good think has come from my tardiness….the appliances are now  months old and I can now say they are still working absolutely fine!!! Sometimes when you buy cheap toasters and kettles you find they hardly last a couple of months before they stop working but thankfully these better quality Sabichi ones are still as good as ever. :o)

Both appliances are from the Sabichi ‘I’m A… Collection’. The kettle is the Sabichi ‘I’m A Brushed Stainless Steel Kettle‘ which retails at £32.00 and the toaster is the Sabichi ‘I’m A Brushed Stainless Steel Toaster‘ which retails at £27.00.

sabichic i'm a brushed stainless steel kettle and toaster

My sister-in-law is very impressed with the quality of toast that the toaster produces. She says it makes much better toast than her old toaster ever did!  The toaster can toast 2 slices of bread at a time and there is dial which allows you to vary how well toasted you have your toast. This means you can make the toast just how you like it!  There are 4 buttons on the toaster and they are for the following functions :- Re-Heat, Defrost, Cancel and Bagel Toasting. The toaster switches off automatically or when you manually press the cancel button.

The body of the toaster is made from brushed stainless steel and there is a removable crumb tray which makes for easier cleaning.
There is a useful indicator light on the toaster that lights up to show that the toaster is on.

The kettle was put to good use as soon as it was unpacked from the box. Cuppas all round!  It takes a bit longer to boil than my sister-in-laws old kettle but she is happy that the brushed stainless steel body doesn’t show up fingerprints , unlike her old kettle which she was forever having to wipe to get rid of marks.  The kettle makes a louder noise when boiling than my sister-in-law’s old kettle but what she likes about this is that it is easier for her to hear when it has finished boiling.

The kettle has a generous 1.7ltr capacity and there is a detachable filter that the water is poured through when tipping the water into your cup. The heating element of the kettle is concealed and there is boil dry protection for your peace of mind. The kettle has an on / off switch with a light indicator and once the kettle has boiled it automatically turns off. The jug shaped kettle has a sleek, modern appearance and really looks the part in the kitchen….especially when sitting alongside the matching toaster.   Sabichi also sell other brushed steel matching kitchen essentials such as the 30ltr pedal bin with dome lid , the biscuit jar and the tea and coffee jars, etc.

sabichi brushed stainless steel

I would like to say a big thanks to to the wonderful Sabichi for sending these products to me for review.
If you would like to visit their website and have a browse through all of their fantastic products that would be great. Here’s the link you’ll need – 
As it is now getting very close to the festive season – why not take a look at all their Christmas gift ideas.  If anyone in my family is reading this and want to know what to buy me from Sabichi for Christmas this year……
polka dot bin
I’d love this!!!! A polka dot bin that would be perfect in my polka dot kitchen   :o)
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