Review Of Joy & Joe Award-Winning Stretchy Baby Wrap

stretchy baby wrap

If you are are an expectant mum or someone looking for the ultimate gift for a new mum or mum-to-be then please can I recommend a Joy and Joe baby wrap carrier to you.

Last year one of my best friends found out she was pregnant and one of the top things on her list of baby products she would like to buy was a baby carrier. I said that I knew of a wonderful company called Joy and Joe who make and sell baby carriers and I offered to ask if they could send me one for her to review.

joy and joe baby wrap carrier

Well I have to tell you I had a very happy friend when I got to tell her that Yes….Adebisi from Joy and Joe had said she would send her a baby wrap to review. But even better than that was that she would send her a wrap from the Panelled J-Collection and it would have ….wait for it… owl print cotton fabric sewn on to it (at my request)! My friend was delighted as she absolutely loves anything and everything owl themed.

The stretchy baby wrap carrier was made to order for my friend and when the day came that it arrived in the post she was over the moon. It was really well wrapped and the wrap itself was beautiful. It was 5 metres long and came folded up in its own little integrated pouch. I will be honest and say that at first we looked at the long length of material and thought to ourselves….’How on earth do you tie this around you so it ends up as a baby carrier??’ but once you have read through the instruction leaflet, looked at the online photos and even , should you wish, watched the instructional video on You Tube – you will realise it looks much harder than it actually is!

My friend has now been using the baby carrier for a few months and she assures me that the wrap is easy to tie, it took a little bit of getting used to it but she now has the tying down to a T and absolutely loves wearing the carrier! Her little boy loves being carried in it too!

Joy and Joe baby carrierMy friend is very impressed with her custom made baby wrap carrier and she is so thankful to Adebisi for giving her the opportunity to review one for her.

The stretchy baby wraps from Joy and Joe have just received the Silver Award at the 2013/14 Nursery Traders awards and as you’ll see from this review … we think that Joy and Joe baby wraps are very deserving of this fabulous accolade.

The Panelled J-Collection baby wrap is available to buy on the Joy and Joe baby website for £32 (postage within the UK is an additional £4.99) and my friend says that she thinks it is well worth the money. She highly recommends it and loves to use it with her child.

My friend has told me that the best points about the carrier are as follows :-

  • It is easy to wash.
  • It looks smart.  My friend sadly had to attend a funeral a short while after her son was born and she opted to wear her baby wrap during the service so that he felt comfortable and she looked smart.  This also meant she didn’t need to take a pushchair into the funeral service.
  • It is brilliant at comforting her son, especially with any colic symptoms he has.
  • It allows her to carry her son but still be ‘Hands-Free’ so that she can get on with things around the house or when she is out and about.
  • It provides great support for her baby and it is comfortable for him to be carried in.
  • It is comfortable for her to wear on her body and it allows her to keep her son close to her.
  • It is great that she can use the carrier with her son from his newborn birth weight up to a maximum of 16 kilos.

The only other points that my friend makes about the carrier are that even when you have got the knack of tying it, it can still be a little bit time-consuming to put it on and get the baby positioned in the carrier. The other thing is that if your baby is sick you have to unwrap everything to clear it up. Luckily it is fully washable though so at least you can rest assured that you can clean it all up.  My friend does say that there are way more pros than cons regarding this wrap and she doesn’t hesitate for a moment about recommending it to you all.

If you are wanting to purchase a Panelled-J collection stretchy baby wrap then you can choose from 4 colours for the main part of the carrier. The choices are Red, Black, Fuchsia and Turquoise. My friends wrap was black.   As for the patterned material for the panelled part of the wrap…well you have a huge amount of fabrics to choose from for this! Basically you visit the Frumble fabric website and you can make your selection from any of the fabrics in their Children section (correct at time of writing). You then email your fabric choice to Adebisi and as soon as your order has been paid for, she will get your custom baby wrap all made up for you and posted out.  This kind of bespoke service really does give you a chance to have a one-of-a-kind baby wrap that you will be proud to carry your baby in!

Joy and Joe Baby wrap review
You will be delighted to know that the super comfy Joy and Joe baby wrap carriers have all been UK/EU safety tested and they were deemed to conform to BS EN. 13209-2:2005 (stringent safety standards for soft baby carriers).  The wraps allows the weight of the baby to be evenly distributed across the mother’s back  which eliminates the back/shoulder pain issues that can sometimes be associated with other overly structured baby carriers. It is also said on the website that the Joy and Joe baby carriers allow mums to position their babies in an ergonomic position that won’t predispose babies to hip dislocation.

Joy and Joe baby wrapJoy and Joe baby wrap

I am not the only mummy blogger to have written a review about a Joy and Joe baby carrier. In total there are about 50 reviews of these wraps all over the blogosphere. Adebisi has told me that the reason she has invested so much time and money into sending out her wraps for review is because she wants to give as many mums as she can the chance to try her wraps. She wants them to be able to see for themselves the high quality of her award winning wraps and to be able to experience the wonderful world of babywearing….in comfort.

Joy and Joe baby wrapJoy and Joe baby wrap

You can read some more mummy blogger reviews about the Joy and Joe baby slings on the following blogs.  When you read through the posts you will see that everyone loves the slings as much as my friend does! :o)

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Joy and Joe baby wrapJoy and Joe baby wrap

If you have any questions about a particular Joy and Joe baby wrap or about babywearing in general then please contact Adebisi on the following email address –     She is an extremely friendly lady and she will be more than happy to help you.

You can also contact Adebisi on Twitter and Facebook.  If you would like to keep up to date with any special offers then make sure to not only follow her on those social media accounts but to also sign up to her mailing list.

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Joy and Joe for sending me out the baby wrap for my friend to road-test (and keep). She is over the moon to have such a unique baby sling to carry her son in and I am delighted to be able to publicise such a fantastic mumpreneur run company on my blog.

Also , as this is my first post in 2014 I would like to take this chance to say ‘Happy New Year!’ to all of you. I hope you have a great time in the coming year and make sure to enjoy every day. :o)

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