Review Of Tree And Birdcage Vinyl Wall Sticker From Spin Collective.

Tree and Bird Cage Wall Sticker from spin collectiveWhen I was in my old house Spin Collective sent me a Tree and Bird Cage Wall Sticker to use in my lounge.

I am not one to buy extravagant purchases and £48 on a wall sticker does sound like quite a lot of money but when you receive the sticker and see the transformation it can make to your room you will be delighted with your purchase.

The sticker turned a boring, plain piece of wall into a focal point of the room. It was a real feature and it looked so posh!

It was a relatively quick and easy process to put up the sticker and it made such a difference to how the room looked.

The sticker stayed up for ages and when I moved it stayed on the wall….although I would have loved to have taken it with me if I could have!!

You can buy the same Tree and Bird Cage Vinyl Wall Sticker here —>

I highly recommend it!

You have lots of vinyl colours to choose from – white, dark red, brown, pastel blue, golden yellow, burgundy, aqua green, medium blue, black, orange, pink, green, ultra blue, silver, red, violet, forest green, dark blue, gold and grey.  I chose to have it made from grey vinyl and it was used on a cream coloured wall. It looked amazing!

You can view all the available wall stickers here —>

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