Gobaby App…The Amazing App That Makes Life Much Easier For Parents Who Are Visiting London With Their Young Children.

GoBaby app - the map app for parents on the goToday I am writing this sponsored post about a fantastically practical app for parents. It is called Gobaby app and it was developed by new mum, Jen Corlew. She describes it as the map app for parents on the go.

The Gobaby app is very inexpensive at only £1.49 to download but I’m sure it will be well worth its weight in gold when you have got it on your phone and you are trying to navigate yourself around London whilst pushing a pushchair or holding on to the hand of your young child who is walking besides you.

GoBaby app - the map app for parents on the goThe app shows the number of steps, lifts and escalators at every London Underground, DLR and Overground station for parents with pushchairs and young children. Isn’t that amazing! That isn’t the only thing the app shows you though. It also pinpoints more than 1,100 verified baby changing spots across Greater London such as cafes, restaurants, libraries, museums and retailers.  One of the latest extra features is the inclusion of all locations of Boots Pharmacies and there are even reviews of the under 5s activities in London Museums.

Jen has put a lot of hard work into developing her Gobaby app for parents and grandparents alike and you only have to chat to her for a few minutes , as I have done by email, to know instantly that she is not in the app development business for the money but instead purely for the fact that she wants to make our lives as parents easier and safer. She herself has struggled with a pushchair at London stations and she even ended up going down an escalator with her son in the buggy as someone had pushed her onto it. I bet she was frozen with panic but rather than let that incident put her off travelling on the London underground ever again she instead vowed to make an easier way for parents to make their way around London. Thus after a lot of careful planning the Gobaby app was born.

GoBaby app - the map app for parents on the goTravelling through London with a young child in tow, whether they be in a pushchair or on reins, is going to be hard work at all times as it is such a busy place to visit but at least if you have the Gobaby app at hand you will always know which tube station has no steps to ruin your day, how far it is to the nearest place to change your child’s nappy and where to go to grab yourself a well deserved coffee!

I really can’t believe that for all the info you are getting in this app you only have to pay out £1.49. It is a real bargain and Jen is constantly updating it with new and improved features so you are getting a lot of useful information for your money. The app is proving to be popular amongst parents and so far it is ranking 8th in Lifestyle Apps in the App Store. I can’t say I’m surprised! It is the kind of app that all parents require and I hope that one day Jen will make one for every city, of every country of the world! Parents with pushchairs could once again travel in blissfull freedom, just like those pre-baby days.

If you watch this video below you will be able to see the app in action…

Gobaby app has been featured in The Guardian newspaper’s Top 20 Apps of the Week and it is lucky enough to have tons of glowing reviews from around the web.  Here are links to just a few of them….

Gobaby app


Please can I assure you that if I ever hear of friends or family who are going to be visiting London I will 100% most definitely be encouraging them to download this app. I haven’t downloaded a copy for myself yet as I don’t live anywhere near London and don’t have any trips planned there in the near future, but if and when I do go to the wonderful capital city I shall be making sure that Gobaby app is the first thing on my shopping list!

If you would like to buy Gobaby app from the iTunes store here is the link you need :- https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id648300076

If you prefer to have it on Android then you will require this link instead :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gobaby.app&hl=en_GB

It would be great if you could take a minute to pop by Jen’s social media accounts and Like Gobaby on Facebook and Follow Gobaby on Twitter.   Should you wish, you can also start reading her posts on her blog.

Before I go, I’d just like to add that I also think the app would be really useful for people who are needing to travel in London and are disabled or suffer with mobility problems. I’m sure it’s not just parents who get frustrated by the amount of stairs in the London Underground and stations. So please can I ask a favour of you all and request that if you know anybody who you think will find this app useful to have please send them over to the Gobaby website so they can buy themselves a copy and make their future journeys in London much easier. :o)

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