Review Of Backlife – The 12 Minute Lower Back Pain Solution (Plus £70 off discount code!)

review of backlifeI love it when I get sent products to review that I have never heard of before. Backlife is one of these products. I had no idea such a product existed for people who are suffering from lower back pain and now that I am fortunate enough to have been sent a Backlife machine to review for this blog I am delighted to be able to spread the word amongst my friends, family and blog readers. Back pain is never any fun and to know that there is a solution out there is amazing. It’s only fair to tell as many people as I can!

Over the years I have suffered on and off with lower back pain and thankfully at the moment I don’t really have any pain to speak of. Sometimes I get a niggling pain but at this moment in time I haven’t had too much at all. When I was offered the chance to review a Backlife machine I jumped at the opportunity! I was not only intrigued as to what the product does but I also knew that it was not every day they I get the chance to receive a product to review that I could be using for many more years to come plus that I could share with friends and family as and when they experience lower back pain.

review of BacklifeThere are many of us in my family that suffer from lower back pain and all of us have different things that can trigger it. My worst trigger is trying to lift something that is heavy. I have been to a physiotherapist about it and I was taught about my core muscles and exercises to do to help with the pain. I’ll be honest, I did take note of using my core muscles and I tried my best to do the exercises but as I am a busy mum I really don’t have all that much free time time to stop and run through my exercises a few times each day. I had the best of intentions but just didn’t manage to keep up with the exercises and eventually I forgot what it was I was supposed to be doing every day.

Backlife is the 12 minute back pain solution. According to the JD Harris website, Backlife is about the only device in the world that is clinically proven to relieve lower back pain“. The machine uses Continuous Passive Movement (CPM) to loosen up your muscles and mobilise your spine. It is the same technique used by chiropractors or osteopaths when they put their arm underneath your knees and gently rotate your pelvis. The device performs a gentle and repeated circular motion, which moves the vertebrae of the lower back and the pelvic area.

What I love about the Backlife machine is that it is portable and you can run through the 12 minute exercises whilst watching TV or reading a book. The device does require that you stop what you are doing to lay down on the floor and rest the back of your legs over the machine but it only takes 12 minutes and it serves as a little bit of a rest during an otherwise hectic day. The fact of the matter is that Backlife is not only working on improving your back pain but it is also giving you an opportunity to stop for a few minutes and have a breather. Sometimes, as a mum,  we need to be forced to actually take time out to look after ourselves and the Backlife machines serves as a good reminder that it’s important to rest.

review of backlifeThe machine comes in a big box and it was well packaged so that nothing got damaged in transit. There is an instruction leaflet and an instructional DVD. I was very proud of myself as I did take the time to read through the instructions and watch the DVD before I attempted to assemble the machine. It was so simple to do though and rather self-explanatory. It’s always important to read the instructions first though – just to be on the safe side. The machine went together very easily and then all you have to do is attach the power pack and plug it in at the mains.

The Backlife machine is operated by a very simple blue push button. Press it once and the 12 minute set of exercises starts, press it again and it stops the exercises if it is mid-cycle. If you only press the button once then the exercises will start and the machine will stop of its own accord when the 12 minutes are up.  So easy to operate! You can also adjust the height of the leg rest so that the machine can be used safely.

This video tells you a bit about the Backlife and shows you what the machines does…

The website description states that CPM is a proven medical technique which is used by doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths. It says that with most lower back pain your muscles tense up around a damaged area which then makes your problem worse. The tension in your muscles can be eased by using CPM and this in turn hopes to help your back recover. The Backlife machines replicates the CPM carried out by these professionals so that you can start to help improve your back pain without even having to leave your house.

The Backlife machine is even being used in some NHS hospitals around the country and it has positive reviews on the JD Harris website and around the web. Here is a review from the JD Harris website:-

backlife reviewThe Backlife machine is by no means cheap….it is actually on sale for £235.00 at the moment instead of the RRP of £299.00. However some times in life there are occasions when that little extra money is worth spending. If you find that you are struggling with lower back pain then you may find that Backlife can help alleviate some of the discomfort that you are experiencing and if that is the case then it will be well worth the investment. Plus if you use the discount code ‘BACKTU’ it will take £70 off the price of the Backlife device. So you could get yourself one for just £165!! (Please note that I am not sure when the code expires. You will need to contact JD Harris for more information. The email is

I don’t think it would be fair for me to say whether I personally think this product is worth the money or not as I have been a lucky lady who was fortunate enough to receive the product free of charge to review on my blog and I get to keep it afterwards too. I haven’t had to spend any of my hard earned cash to be able to acquire the Backlife machine but if I had done so I would have been well and truly tempted by the machine because JD Harris offer a Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee. You can’t say any fairer than that can you!  If the machine does not help you with your lower back pain then the company will refund you your money. They must really trust their product to offer a guarantee like that and I think it shows just how confident they are that you will find the outcome you are looking for when you start using the CPM device.

I have been using the Backlife machine but not as regularly as I think I would do if I was experiencing regular back pain. As I haven’t been struggling with any pain at the moment I haven’t noticed too much of a difference with my back but I am very confident that at the first whiff of lower back pain I will be using the Backlife machine (up to 3 times a day) and helping my back to heal itself. It is a glorious feeling to know that by having this product sitting in my living room I am potentially able to combat the lower back pain that could occur again in the future. I am also waiting for more family and friends to be in need of it so that I can be a kind person and lend it to them to make then feel better. :o)

Backlife has been featured on Sky News and you can see the video of it here :-

BBC News have featured it too…..

To be able to use the Backlife machine you must be able to have physiotherapy. As I have been and had physio I know that I am safe to use the Backlife machine. They have done scientific tests and found that the device does not cause any damage or aggravate the patient’s condition. They do however recommend you consult your doctor before using it if

  • …you have had back surgery, including spinal fusion, in the last year or thigh surgery in the last six months.
  • ….you suffer from Listhesis spinal misaligment, grade 2 and above.
  • …In cases where there is central pressure on the spinal cord with the following symptoms: poor balance, urination problems and numbness in both legs.
  • …you are pregnant.

(This info is taken from the Backlife website)

review of backlifeIn my opinion, I think that if you have been suffering from lower back pain and you find that the Backlife machine helps relieve the pain you experience then you will be more than happy to pay the premium price for the product. If on the other hand you only experience the odd twinge of pain now and again you might find that you are not so keen to invest in the Backlife machine. You may however be tempted to buy one , try it out and see if it helps improve your pain and if it doesn’t you can then take advantage of the moneyback guarantee and be refunded.

review of backlife

I am happy to spread the word about the Backlife device because I think it is fantastic that there is such a product on the market. The price tag does seem steep to start with but when you consider how much money it costs to go to see a physiotherapist then you will soon start saving money and recouping the cost of the product. According to the Sky News video , back pain is one of the most common reasons for people being absent from work and if this CPM device can help people improve their back pain and get back to work then I think that is a fantastic thing. But more importantly that going back to work, just being able to carry on leading a normal day to day life without having to struggle with back pain would be a godsend for many people.

You can see another review of the Backlife machine over on the Real Suburban Mummy blog.

jd-harris-logoIf you decide to buy yourself a Backlife then you can do so by clicking here.  Don’t forget to use discount code BACKTU to get £70 off the price.

You can follow JD Harris on Twitter and on Facebook.

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I’d like to say a big thanks to JD Harris for supplying me with the Backlife machine for my review.

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