Review Of Ethically Traded, 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirts From Laura Lewis Designs

100% organic cotton t-shirts from Laura Lewis DesignsIf you are looking for a beautiful gift for a baby or young child then you must go and visit the online shop for Laura Lewis Designs. They sell the most divine organic t-shirts for kids!

Today’s sponsored post and review is all about their company and the super soft T-shirts that they sell. I also have a 20% discount code for you which I’ll give you at the end of the post. :o)

100% organic cotton t-shirts from Laura Lewis DesignsI had been in touch with Laura from Laura Lewis Designs about writing this sponsored post for them and when we were discussing it she kindly offered to send me one of their t-shirts so that I could see first-hand how wonderful they really are. I chose to have a ‘Petit Tigre’ baby blue 100% organic cotton t-shirt sent to me as I knew that my friend would love to have it for her 6 month old son.

100% organic cotton t-shirts from Laura Lewis DesignsThe t-shirt designs are all adorable and it was a tough choice to pick which design to be sent . I made the right decision though…the ‘Petit Tigre’ t-shirt is absolutely gorgeous and my friends little boy is going to look super cool when wearing it. :o)

Here are the other designs I could have chosen…..

100% organic cotton t-shirts from Laura Lewis Designs

Petite Tigresse


Rainy Day Caterpillar

Oops A Daisy


Petit Tigre

100% organic cotton t-shirts from Laura Lewis DesignsThe t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and they are unbelievably soft to the touch. I am certain that all of you will be very impressed with the softness of this garment and will not hesitate in dressing your child in it  or , of course, gifting it to a friend who has a child – like I’m doing with the ‘Petit Tigre’ t-shirt.

You can read more about the benefits of organic cotton on this link. I have to say that not only is it reassuring to know that the cotton in the Laura Lewis Designs t-shirts is 100% organic and not treated with dangerous pesticides but it is also wonderful to see that the ‘Earth Positive’ t-shirts that they have their designs printed onto are manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power. You can read more about the ‘Earth Positive’ t-shirts that they use by clicking this link.

At the time of publishing this, each t-shirt from Laura Lewis Designs costs £16.00. It is a price point that reflects the ethics of the company. The t-shirts are not cheap and cheerful instead they are ethically made, quality garments that have cheerful designs on them. They are designed to be worn, washed, cared for, passed down from one child to the next and then finally-  treasured in a box of keepsakes.

laura lewis designsHere is their mission statement :-

“Laura Lewis Designs believe that the next generation of Eco-warriors should have clothes that match their principles – they should be fashionable, high- quality, ethically produced and, most of all, FUN. We want to help clothe a new generation of Ethical Warriors with high quality T-shirts that look great, make people smile and don’t harm the planet. We sell one hundred per cent organic, ethically traded T-shirts for babies and young children. Our T-shirts are fun and exciting but not throw away”

Lucio Conti is the man who designs the illustrations for the t-shirts and both the designing and printing is carried out in the UK.  I think the designs are really unique and most importantly they appeal to children. The Oops A Daisy design is so cute and I’m not the only one who thinks so…..

Here you can see the ‘Oops A Daisy’ t-shirts being worn by the Clark Quadruplets – the UK’s first set of quadruplet girls – in a photo for the Yorkshire Post newspaper. Don’t they all look so sweet. :o)  They even have their own twitter account – – run by their parents – so that you can all keep up to date with their day to day adventures.

Clark Quad Girls in Laura Lewis Design t-shirts

Photo Source :-

Laura Lewis Designs was founded by Laura Forster and Valerie Lewis back in 2013 and since starting their company they have seen a lot of interest in people wanting to buy their organic cotton t-shirts. Before Christmas they even sold out of one of their most popular designs – ‘Boo‘. Thankfully it is currently back in stock again. You’d better be quick and buy one while it is still available! You won’t be disappointed with the quality.

Laura lewis DesignsBefore I go please can I ask you all to show your support for their new business by popping over to their facebook page and clicking ‘Like’ and then please go follow them on twitter. I think this company is headed for a fantastic future and with us all spreading the word I don’t think it will be long before everyone has heard of Laura Lewis Designs and their beautiful organic t-shirts. :o)

Now….here’s that generous discount code you’ve all been waiting for……. enter code 8ZT7RT7X6JPE on the Laura Lewis Designs website and until 1st June 2014 it will give you 20% off your order!!!  To use the code you will need to sign in and authorise your card with PayPal when you go through checkout. You will then be brought back to the Laura Lewis Designs website to put your discount code in. If you have any problems with getting the code to work do not hesitate to contact Laura on – She will be more than happy to help sort it all out for you.

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  1. Kute Clothing Ltd

    Wondered if you are interested in selling to us wholesale to sell in our Shop in Corbridge . We sell Organic children’s clothes 0-8 years.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Adele, I have forwarded on your question to Laura Lewis designs and I hope they will be in contact with you soon. Best wishes, Kim


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