Review Of My Beautiful Wash + Dry Polka Dot Floor Mat And Spotty Dirt-Trapper Door Mat From The Mat Factory

spotty florr matI am absolutely over the moon and the reason is…I have my very own polka dot floor mat in my kitchen! If you follow my blog, you will know how much I adore polka dots. I truly am Polka Dot Mad!

I have recently moved home and my new kitchen has a plain,white tiled floor. It was a long expanse of boring white tiles…that is until …..The Mat Factory came to the rescue! They describe themselves as ‘The online home of floor mats and door mats‘ and they are not wrong! They stock SO many different designs of mat…it’s quite amazing that there are so many designs to choose from.

They kindly sent me one of their spotty Fulanitos Catarina floor mats to put in my kitchen and do you know what….it has instantly turned my house into a home! And I’m not kidding.  It has turned a kitchen with minimal ‘Kim’ stamp on it to a kitchen which is ‘Polka Dot Perfect’ and suits me to a tee!

The mat is ideal for a kitchen area but it would also be good in a hallway.  The printed nylon mat is part of the Wash + Dry range and it has a professional laundry grade, anti-slip rubber backing. This rubber backing also forms a visible border around the main body of the mat design.

All of the mats from the Wash + Dry collection can be machine washed at 60°C and they can be tumble dried on a medium temperature setting. The Wash + Dry mats even have a 5 year guarantee, for your peace of mind.

The spotty design Fulanitos mat that I received for review is now discontinued but they do have many other wonderful designs in the Wash + Dry range. From what I can see it can still be bought on Amazon from The Mat Factory but they have less than 10 in stock and then they will all be gone! Here is the link you’ll need –

My other favourite Wash + Dry mats can be seen in the pictures below…

floral rug for home

polka dot floor runner

Gnome design door mat

floral door matI am so impressed with the quality of my new polka dot floor mat. I am not going to say it is cheap – because at over £85 it isn’t – but what I will say is that it is a premium product with a price that matches accordingly. I am well known for my penny-pinching ways but I can honestly say that I love the mat so much even I would want to save up to buy this! It’s something that you do not see in every shop on the high street – it’s unique and fun.

Here are the reasons I love it!!  …

  • It has made my kitchen look fabulous
  • It is cosy under my toes when I am standing on it to do the washing up
  • It is a talking point when people see my completely polka dot kitchen…(I even polka dotted my fridge!)
  • It can be washed in the machine if I spill something on it
  • It has short, compact pile and it is easy to spot-clean with a baby wipe if I get a little mark on it
  • …. but most importantly it brings a smile to my face and brightens my day!

I have washed the mat in my washing machine and it came out as good as new. Love it! :o)

I was not only sent a floor mat for my kitchen but also a pink polka dot Dirt-Trapper door mat too.  The polka dot door mat was intended for my house but my mum saw it and  loved it so I said she could have it if she liked. After all, I was already being thoroughly spoiled by The Mat Factory as they’d sent me my Fulanitos polka dot floor mat.

The polka dot Dirt-Trapper mat is the perfect size to fit in front of the front door. It has rounded edges and a soft pile. At the moment The Mat Factory no longer have the polka dot door mats available as they are revamping the Dirt-Trapper range but they did tell me that they may re-introduce it in the future. Fingers crossed! :o)

I’m not sure exactly what the price was for the spotty Dirt-Trapper door mat but I vaguely remember it being around about the £39 price mark. It does sound expensive but most good quality door mats cost this and the fact that the Dirt-Trapper door mat can be machine washed and tumble dried means that you can keep it in good, clean condition for a long time. The good things about the dirt-trapper mat are as follows :-

  • It has a nitrile rubber backing which means that the mat won’t move around the floor and pose a trip hazard when used on wooden or tiled floors.
  • It doesn’t have any embroidered thread edging which will start to fray and become unstitched over time. I have had a few door mats that have embroidered edges and it is a real bugbear of mine that the edges fray and then get caught up in my hoover. At least you won’t have this worry with a Dirt-Trapper mat!
  • It has rounded corners which I think is a bonus as it means you won’t be continually rucking up the corners of the mat when you walk on it.
  • You can pop it in the washing machine if it gets too dirty and then you can even dry it in the tumble dryer, if required.
  • They are only 7mm (1/4″) thick which means that you can still open your door when the mat is in front of it. This is a major selling point as some mats are just too thick to be able to do this!
  • … I adore the retro look of the cheerful polka dot print.

The Dirt-Trapper mat measures 50cm x 75cm and it is has ultra-absorbent 100% cotton pile which will lift wet, dry and even greasy dirt from your shoes, boots, wellies and dog paws!’ It comes with a 5 year guarantee so you can trust that The Mat Factory are very confident that their mat will perform it’s dirt-trapping duty each and every day that you use it.

This video shows you the Dirt-Trapper mat in action! You can see just how well it does it’s job of preventing mud from getting trodden into your home.

At the moment there are plain coloured cotton Dirt-Trapper mats available on The Mat Factory website or a selection of fun designs. Here are some photos of my favourites….

Dirt-Trapper door matfern door matUnion Jack door matIf you are in need of a new door mat then look no further than The Mat Factory’s website. They are sure to have something to fit the bill. The Mat Factory is a trading name of Kleen-Tex Industries Ltd and they have been manufacturing high quality floor mats since 1967.

You can order your mat online but if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact them on 01204 389 540 or email them at They can even custom make Dirt-trapper mats to the size you need and if you need a funky new door mat for your office or business – why not get one made with your logo on!

Please stop by their Twitter and Pinterest pages. They’d love you to follow them.

You will be happy to know that if you place an order on The Mat Factory and use code DIRT14 you will get a 10% discount on your order. I’m not sure of the expiry date of this code so best to place your orders quick to take advantage of it while it is valid.  Plus every order from the website comes with free UK delivery (there is a fee if you choose next-day delivery or if you need a delivery to an address which is non-UK mainland, overseas or offshore).

I’d like to say a big thank you to The Mat Factory team for sending me out my lovely mats. I am so happy with them! :o)

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