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My Husband Next Door

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I have just finished reading ‘My Husband Next Door’ by Catherine Alliott and just thought I’d write a quick post to recommend the book to you all.

It is extremely well written and a joy to read. I loved reading the book and getting to know the characters in the story. Ella is so down-to-earth! I’d love to meet her. :o)

I spent a long, long time reading this book as I always find that I never get much free time to sit and read a book but reading it was time well spent! I borrowed it from my local library and had to keep renewing it then taking it back to borrow it again and then re-renew etc. You know how it goes!

Here is the synopsis of the ‘My Husband Next Door‘ book (as taken from the Amazon website) :-

Step into Alliott country with the fabulously funny and wonderfully heartwarming My Husband Next Door.

When Ella married the handsome, celebrated artist Sebastian Montclair at just nineteen she was madly in love. Now, those blissful years of marriage have turned into the very definition of an unconventional set-up. Separated in every way but distance, Sebastian resides in an outhouse across the lawn from Ella’s ramshackle farmhouse.

With an ex-husband living under her nose and a home crowded by hostile teenaged children, gender-confused chickens – not to mention her hyper critical mother whose own marriage slips spectacularly off the rails – Ella finds comfort in the company of the very charming gardener, Ludo.

Then out of the blue Sebastian decides to move on, catching Ella horribly unawares. How much longer can she hide from what really destroyed her marriage . . . and the secret she continues to keep?

It has 470 pages and it is a long book with a great storyline. It would be a perfect summer holiday read!

You can read a sample chapter of the book here –

If you would like to download the ebook from Tesco Blinkbox Books then this is the link you will need :- My Husband Next Door Ebook

You can buy the book on Amazon using this link –

Please take a moment to follow Catherine on facebook. You may also like to read this article she wrote on the Blinkbox Books website , entitled ‘Pros & surprising cons of moving hubby next door.’


* Please note this is not a sponsored post. It’s just a post to give praise for a fab book that I’ve read! :o)

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