Review Of Premier Housewares 12 Cup Muffin Tin With Carrier

Review Of Premier Housewares 12 Cup Muffin Tin With CarrierIf you are looking for a sturdy, good quality cupcake baking tin then look no further than the Premier Housewares 12 cup muffin tin with carrier. I was sent this to review and I absolutely love it!

The price varies from site to site but the cheapest I can find this at the moment is £11.69 with free delivery on Amazon.

Be warned that it is slightly larger than other cupcake tins as it needs extra space on each end to allow the carrier lid to be fixed on – so make sure you compare the measurements of the tin with the measurement of your oven before you purchase it.Thankfully the cupcake tin does fit in my oven however it doesn’t fit in my mum’s one.

This is a superior quality non-stick muffin tin and it doesn’t ping up from the oven shelf when you put it in a hot oven – which is something some of the cheaper ones do.

I have used this loads of times since I received it for review and I really do recommend it. It has room for 12 cupcakes / muffins and you don’t even need to use paper cake cases as the tin is that good that the cooked cakes don’t stick.

The muffins in the photo were made using this Fudgy Banana recipe and they were delicious!

Review Of Premier Housewares 12 Cup Muffin Tin With CarrierOnce you have removed your muffins all it takes is a quick rinse in some warm, soapy water and it is squeaky clean.  Fantastic news! No more scraping off burnt on cake and then ruining your cake tin in the process. Been there done that! You can even wash the tin and lid in the dishwasher, if you’d like.

Once your cakes have cooled down you can decorate them with frosting and decorations then put them back into the tin. All you then need to do is clip on the useful carrying lid and you can either store your cakes or transport them to wherever you may be taking them…a party, picnic, wedding, etc.

The cupcake tin with carrying lid is a must-have item for any keen baker and I don’t hesitate in recommending it to you all.

Thank you Premier Housewares for sending me the tin for review.

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