Review Of The Fantastic Stellar 3000 Non-Stick Wok / Stir Fry

Stellar 3000 wok / stir fryI am very ashamed to say that this review is very late. :o(  Back in April 2013 I was sent a Stellar 3000 non-stick wok / stir fry pan to review and I had completely forgot to publish the review until now. I am so sorry Stellar….hope you’ll forgive me.

The good thing about the very delayed publishing of the review is that I have had more than enough time to thoroughly road-test the Stellar 3000 wok. Well having said that…it is not me that has been putting the pan through it’s paces – it’s been my mum. When the pan arrived back in 2013 my Mum saw it and was rather smitten with it. Being kind, I said she could keep it. Not only would the cream coloured (vanilla) pan look rather fancy in my Mum’s farmhouse style kitchen but I knew she would get lots of use from the wok.  Plus it’s lovely to be able to treat my mum to new things…even though I cheekily got it sent to me for free – she is aware though :o)

stellar 3000 cookwareWell, where do I start…..

  • The Stellar 3000 wok has a RRP of £57.60 but you can currently buy it on Amazon for £50.
  • It is available in Red, Black and Vanilla.
  • It is part of a big range of Stellar 3000 cookware. There are saucepans, saute pans, frying pans, saucepan sets and casseroles available.
  • It has a Stellar Lifetime Pan Guarantee with a 10 year non-stick guarantee.
  • It is suitable for all hob types.
  • Stellar 3000 cookware benefits from Teflon Platinum Plus, a triple layer non stick coating with a raised textured base for healthier cooking. It is also PFOA free.
  • The Stellar 3000 wok is 28cm and it has two comfy-grip handles so you can easily move it about when your wok is heavy and full of food.
  • The handles stay cool during cooking so you don’t burn your hands. Also the handles can withstand heat so the wok can be used in the oven up to temperatures of 180°C
  • It is manufactured in aluminium which means that it heats up quickly and cooks your food fast.  Because you can cook your food in less time you are also using less energy which is great for the environment.

stellar 3000 wokI am so impressed with this pan. Both me and my mum have cooked with it at her house and you can only imagine how many meals we have made in it over the last year. It is still in fantastic condition despite it being used so frequently. We are very grateful for the inclusion of 2 handles on this pan. It makes it so much easier and more comfortable to be able to carry the pan to the table to dish up the tea.

I loved that the wok came in a presentation box as it really added to the grandeur of the item. It isn’t a cheap and cheerful wok that you can buy for under a tenner …it is a wok to last a lifetime! You can read the accompanying product support leaflet that came with the pan by clicking here.

stellar cookware logo

After a year of use the non-stick coating is still just that….non-stick. The wok can be washed up very easily after use and it is much easier to clean than other pans in both mine and my mum’s cookware collections.

The wok is a great size and it can hold more than enough food for 4/5 people.  We have cooked lots of different meals in it , such as, risotto, chicken tikka, soups, etc. It is a very versatile pan because of the depth and the volume of food it can hold.

It is a premium product with a price tag that matches. It is not surprising it has a high price tag though because for your £50 pounds you are getting a superior quality wok with not only a 10 year non-stick guarantee but a lifetime Stellar pan guarantee too.  It is the one wok / pan that you will more than likely use on a daily basis and since it will be in constant use you want it to look good on display too. With the glossy red, classic black and contemporary vanilla colours you know that you Stellar 3000 pan will complement your kitchen scheme perfectly!

I do not hesitate for a second in recommending the Stellar 3000 wok to you. It will be ideal for all those family sized stir frys that you will be wanting to cook for your nearest and dearest.

Before I go may I ask that you please all pop over and like Stellar Cookware on twitter. They would love you to stop by and say hi.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Stellar for sending me this pan to review on my blog. I really appreciate it and once again I am so sorry for the delayed review.


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