Review Of The Vacu Vin Mezzaluna – Pizza Slicer

mezzaluna pizza slicer by vacu VinLast year Vacu Vin sent me one of their Mezzaluna to review. It is a funky looking piece of kitchen equipment that can be used for a few different things. It is probably most useful as a pizza slicer but it can also be used to chop herbs, onions and vegetables.

It is currently on sale on Amazon for £13.73.  To be honest I probably wouldn’t buy this myself as I normally tend to cut pizzas with a pair of scissors ….BUT…. if you don’t really want to get the looks I get (when people see me cut my pizza with scissors!!) then I would say you might like to consider the Vacu Vin Mezzaluna. :o)

It is a very unique kind of mezzaluna as the blade folds away into the handle. It is a fantastic way to be able to store your mezzaluna away safely. To use the mezzaluna pizza slicer all you have to do is remove it from it’s safety cover by pulling it out and then twisting it so that the blade fits into place on the handle. You can understand more what I mean by watching the video below.

I did , once upon a time, have a different brand of double bladed mezzaluna but that had no safety feature to protect the blade whilst it is in storage in your kitchen drawer or cupboard. Although I did love my old mezzaluna it wasn’t really as very safe item to have laying around in my kitchen drawer because of the exposed blade. Thus why I love the idea of the Vacu Vin mezzaluna with the safety cover.

I like the vibrant lime green and white colourway of the product and I think it would look good in anyone’s kitchen drawer. It is fun, functional and safe all at the same time!

mezzaluna by Vacu VinYou can buy the Vacu Vin mezzaluna from Amazon and many other online stockists and high street cookery shops.

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