Lots Of Summer Games And Activity Ideas From Big Game Hunters

logoHi everyone. I just came across a blog post from Big Game Hunters that I wanted to share with you all. It is all about ideas for games and activities that can be played inside and outside the house in the summer holidays.

Here is the link :-

Inside and Out – Summer Games And Activity Ideas

I love the idea of Frisbee Target – Drawing circles on the ground and then chucking a frisbee to see where it lands and how many points you get.

There are lots of other ideas in that blog post so please pop over and take a look.

One of my daughter’s favourite activities to do outside in the summer is jumping on the trampoline. Back in June 2013 she was sent a 10ft Skyhigh Plus from Big Game Hunters for me to review on my blog. We have it out in my mum’s garden and everyone loves to play on it – not just the kids!


* Please note that this is not a sponsored post. I just knew you’d all love to see those fab summer games ideas.

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