Review Of Baby Socks & Minene Muslin Sunshade From SugarSpiceUK

sugarspiceukRecently the lovely Sarah from SugarSpiceUK sent me some adorable little baby socks to feature on my blog. She kindly sent them to me so I could give them to my sister-in-law who is expecting a baby boy in a couple of months time.

The socks are so cute! Both pairs of stretchy baby socks are designed to look like shoes and they are available in a variety of different styles and colours. I received a blue pair of lace up style socks and a pair of taupe sneaker style socks.

The socks are £4 a pair and they are sure to look gorgeous with baby’s outfit. SugarSpiceUK also stocks lots of pretty, girly socks. I think the ‘I’m Wild‘ socks that you can see in the photo below are absolutely divine. How adorable will they look in the baby photos! 🙂

I'm wild baby socksI was not only sent baby boy’s socks from SugarSpiceUK but also a muslin sunshade for a buggy. In actual fact I wrote about the sunshade on the blog a few months ago as I thought it was a good idea and wanted to tell you all about them. However when Sarah posted my ‘review’ socks out to me she was ever so kind and decided to send my sister-in-law a Minene muslin sunshade too. She’s such a lovely lady! (Thanks Sarah)

minene muslin sunshadeThe Minene sunshade is really lovely and it comes packed in a striped cotton bag. It costs £15 and is available in a pink or blue colourway. I was sent the blue version of the sunshade and it has a striped drawstring window and trim. My sister-in-law is absolutely thrilled with it and she loves that it is light-weight, breathable and easy to stow away in the changign bag or bottom of the buggy..

Here are some photos of the Minene sunshade, as taken from the SugarSpiceUK website:-

minene muslin sunshadeIf you are going to be pushing your baby around in the buggy this summer then you might like to consider purchasing a sunshade so that your precious little one is protected from the sun’s glare. If they are asleep in the buggy you can have the window closed and if they are awake you can push the window up and let them see out. It’s a simple but effective idea.

Can I just ask a favour of you all….if you are on twitter please stop by the SugarSpiceUK twitter account for me. They have 584 followers at the moment but I’d love to see them with as many followers as possible. They stock such wonderful baby essentials and it’d be great if we could all spread the word.

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