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review of flower bouquet from bunchesSee that stunning posy of flowers in the photo…..they are from and they arrived at my mum’s house through the post. You would never know they had been shut away in a box until they arrived upon my mum’s doorstep – they are simply gorgeous!

This ‘Summer Burst‘ posy was kindly sent to my mum free of charge from Bunches so we could review it on the blog. It goes without saying that my mum was absolutely delighted with her latest review product….she adores flowers and even more than that – she LOVES

Here is the description of the ‘Summer Burst’ posy she was sent :-

“Bursting with colour, this bright and cheerful posy is the perfect gift for someone special this summer. Pink Aqua Roses are joined by cerise and orange Roses, perfectly complimenting the cerise Sweet William Carnations and white Chrysanthemums.  Beautifully finished with Salal Leaf and delivered in a cerise coloured rattan holder, this bouquet needs no arranging and is ready to display upon arrival. Just pop in to a vase and enjoy!”

For many years my mum has been ordering flowers as gifts for her family and friends through the Bunches website. Everybody that my mum has ever sent flowers to from Bunches has been extremely impressed. They love that they not only get flowers as a present but free chocolates too.  At one point my mum did start to worry about whether or not the flowers were as beautiful as everyone had made out. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Bunches or the people she had sent them to but she just thought to herself that even if the flowers were not as lovely as she’d hoped – nobody would ever dare telling her for fear of causing upset. It wouldn’t be the done thing to receive flowers as a gift and then tell the person who sent them to you that you were not very impressed with them, even if that is the case.

review of flower bouquet from bunchesWell, on Mother’s Day 2014 I put a stop to this apprehension! I ordered my mum a bouquet of carnations from Bunches which arrived on time and looked magnificent. The flowers were in bloom when she received them, the colours were vibrant and they looked better and better as each day passed. Do you know that bouquet lasted a good two weeks and it was the best gift I’ve ever bought my mum  The best thing about that Mother’s day gift was that it put my mum’s mind at rest- flowers from Bunches were not too good to be true – in fact they were even better than expected! Especially when you consider they have been sent through the post.

Anyway – let me get back to the beautiful ‘Summer Burst’ posy that she received at the end of June.  The fab team over at Bunches said they would send my mum some flowers and they picked the bouquet that they thought she’d like.  They chose the ‘Summer Burst’ posy and I think it was the perfect decision. My mum adored the mix of blooms and she really loved the presentation of the flowers. The coloured rattan holder was the ideal finishing touch. In the photo on the website it is pink but the one my mum received was instead purple … but equally as beautiful. 🙂

review of flower bouquet from bunchesHere is a side-by-side photo that shows the Bunches website photo of the posy and my own photo of the actual posy that my mum received. You can see from the photo that there was only a couple of subtle differences. The website bouquet has pink sweet wiliams and a pink rattan holder whereas my mum’s posy has white sweet williams and a purple rattan holder. Tiny differences but in no way do they affect the beauty of the posy. In fact – my mum remarked she had not seen white sweet williams before so really the difference in bloom colour was an added extra! Also the rattan holder is very unique and mum will be keeping it to use with future bouquets that she might receive as gifts.  The flowers are not highly fragranced but the scent did improve as the days passed and the flowers adjusted to being out of the box and in fresh water. In total the flowers lasted about 8-10 days with some flowers dying before others, as is always the way. My mum was happy with this and she said it compares well to other flowers that we have bought her before.

When you buy a bouquet of flowers from Bunches not only do you get free UK delivery but you also get a little box of chocolates added to the order too. Take my word for it – the chocolates are delicious! I’m afraid I couldn’t stop myself from eating one as soon as I’d taken the photo of them for this review….I told my mum it was for research purposes! 🙂 I only ate one though – I left the other 5 for mum. And do you know the best bit…she forgave me for eating it as she was so happy I had organised for her to receive the flowers.

I can’t say enough good things about Bunches – they really are a fantastic company to place an order with if you are looking to have a flowery delivery within the UK. They dispatch orders (without charging a delivery fee) by Royal Mail First Class Post but if you wish to upgrade to Next Day Delivery you can do so for a £5.50 charge.  The flowers will arrive in a cardboard box that is decorated with Bunches branding. The flowers are kept upright by a cardboard platform with a hole in it for the stems to go through. Both me and my mum were delighted to see that the packaging is all recyclable and you can read more about that here.

review of flower bouquet from bunchesThey have been a family run business since 1989 and you can read all about them on their ‘About Us‘ page. They are such a friendly team and over the years of ordering with them not once has my mum had an issue with a gift delivery that she has ordered. As I said earlier – all she has ever had is praise from the recipients of the bouquets. 🙂  Each year Bunches donate 10% of their company profits to charity. You can read about the charities they have helped by clicking this link.

Another good thing about ordering from them is that for every order you place you gain ‘Posy Points’ that are worth money off your future orders. So for example, if you order a bouquet of Classic Carnations for £11.99 you will get 120 posy points which is worth 60p off your next order. I think that is a superb idea.

Before I go I just wanted to show you 4 of my personal favourite bouquets from their site:-

review of flower bouquet from bunches

  1. Pink Sorbet
  2. Butterfly Bliss
  3. Classic Carnations
  4. Picasso

They are all so pretty! You are sure to find the perfect floral gift for someone you love on the Bunches website. Flowers by post are ideal as a gift to celebrate a Birthday, Mother’s Day, a New Baby being born, Christmas, Christening – you name it – Bunches has a bouquet for the occasion! They even sell hampers (delivery charge applies) , helium balloons, gift sets and house plants.

I would like to say that not only do I recommend Bunches to you all but I can assure you that my family will be buying from them again….and again!  Their prices are affordable, the flowers are truly stunning and their customer service is second to none.   Please pop over to their website and see if there is a bouquet that you could treat someone to today. Nothing beats going to get the post and finding that someone has been thinking about you enough  to decide to send you flowers. It’s a priceless way of being able to let someone know that although they may live miles away from you they are in your thoughts and you care about them.

If you would like to keep up to date with their latest news and offers then I recommend reading their blog or following them on social media. You can follow them on Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ and Like them on Facebook. They also have a You Tube channel you might like to view.

A big Thank You to the Bunches team for organising this review bouquet being sent out to my mum. It was so kind of you. She truly loved it!


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