10 Ways To Make And Save Money By Going Green

10 Ways To  Make And Save Money  By Going Green

Today I have a article that I have written for you that suggests 10 ways you could make and save money by going green. I always try my best to be green and I hope my daughter will follow in my footsteps when she is older. It’s so important that the younger generation learns about the benefits of recycling and being more eco-responsible.

  1. Save Money by using modern LED light bulbs in your home instead of the traditional incandescent bulbs.These are better for the environment and your pocket. They don’t get as hot as the old style lightbulbs which means they use less electricity and ultimately cost you to less to use them. You might have to invest in them in the first instance but they should last a good few years.
  2. Make Money by being green and not just binning your old clothes but instead selling them at a car-boot or on the net. You could sell them on an auction site such as ebay or ebid or instead use a specialist online service that buys them off you such as Music Magpie (I know the name suggests they don’t buy clothes…but they do).
  3. Save Money by shopping at the supermarket late at night when they do the food reductions. You are being green because rather than see the food go to waste you can buy it up cheaply and where possible freeze it to be used at a later date. It’s very important to only buy it if you are actually going to use it though – if not it could end up going in your bin instead of the supermarket’s and that’s not eco-friendly. It would have been better if someone else had bought it to eat instead.
  4. Make Money by recycling scrap metal and getting paid for them to take it from you. Why don’t you head out to your shed and garage and have a rummage to see what bits and bobs you can find. You might have some metal in there that could make you some money. Scrap metal recycling companies tend to buy metals such as copper, stainless steel, aluminium, iron, steel and brass.
  5. Save Money by not buying new packaging to send out gifts and online auction items that you sold in your quest to make money.  Instead re-use old packaging that has been sent to you when you have placed orders online. Why buy a postal box when you can instead be savvy and green at the same time by upcycling pre-used packaging.
  6. Make Money by recycling your old printer cartridges and old mobile phones. There are lots of companies on the internet that will buy these from you. Mazuma Mobile.com buys mobiles and Empty Cartridge.co.uk can buy your cartridges.
  7. Save Money by re-purposing old clothing and bedding that you no longer need by turning it into something that you can use. I’m sure you have all seen those beautiful patchwork quilts and rag-rugs…well, why don’t you cut up your old things and use the material to turn it into one of those wonderful creations. I would recommend only cutting up garments that have seen better days because if they still look in as new condition then you might be better off selling them and making some money instead. By creating yourself a new quilt or rug you are being eco-friendly because you are upcycling and you are saving money as you don’t need to go out and spend your cash on a new quilt or rug. It’s a win win situation!
  8. Make Money by selling your used glass drinks bottles. I have found a Cornwall based company called GreenGlass.co.uk that pays to buy certain used glass bottles off you. This includes J20 bottles and certain beer bottles. I think you need to live close to them so that you can drop the glass off for them to buy it. However if you don’t live in Cornwall there might be other companies around that buy used glass though, might be worth doing a quick google search.
  9. Save Money by composting your vegetable peelings and food scraps to create your own compost,. This will save you having to spend money on buying bags of compost for your gardening projects each year.
  10. Make Money by selling the flowers and vegetables that you have grown using your homemade compost! Just think how many bouquets of flowers you could make and sell from a few packets of seeds being potted up and grown on. Also, you could plant seed potatoes and then either eat them yourself or sell them on to people. This is great for the environment because regardless of whether you sell the potatoes to make money or eat them to save money…these potatoes will have been home-grown and not shipped across from another country.

I hope you liked my ideas for ways to save and make money by going green. 🙂


* This is a collaborative post

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