Review Of Happy Monkey Smoothies For Kids…..And Adults Too!

happy monkey smoothies reviewMy daughter was so happy when she was sent some Happy Monkey Smoothies to review. She couldn’t wait to try them as she had seen them advertised and thought they looked like a nice drink….plus the packaging is so fun too!

She loves smoothies at the best of times but these Happy Monkey ones were a real hit! We were sent 4 Happy Monkey strawberry and banana smoothies and 4 orange and mango ones too. Her favourite one was the strawberry and mango flavour. I personally liked both flavours. . . . not that I got to have too many taste tests of the smoothies. They were her ‘special kids drinks’ and not for grown-ups like me! 🙂

happy monkey smoothies reviewThe drinks usually cost around about £2.99 for 4 x 180ml cartons. Now I am not going to lie….this is more money than I usually spend on cartons of drink for packed lunches but as these are made with 100% fruit and count as 1 of your child’s 5 a day then I don’t think that 75p a carton is too extortionate.  They are regularly on special offer in the supermarkets though so you can sometimes get each 180ml carton for around 50p – which I think is a great price point.  At the time of writing this (August 2014) you can buy 2 packs for £4 at Ocado…click this link to take a look and at Asda you can get a pack of 4 for the offer price of just £1.50 – now that is a complete bargain!

Happy Monkey smoothies have recently won a coveted Gold award from LBP (Loved By Parents). For the second year running they were voted as the winner in the ‘Best Children’s Drink’ category in the Loved By Parents  Awards!!!  I’m not surprised…the smoothies have it all. They appeal to parents because they are healthy and great for packed lunches and they appeal to kids because they taste yummy and the packaging is child-friendly and fun. Happy Monkey Smoothies tick all the boxes!

They have recently added to the smoothies range by introducing an apple and blackberry flavour. I’m sure the kids will love that one!  Plus you can now also buy Happy Monkey Milkshakes.  I do love milkshakes and so does my daughter so I will definitely be getting us some of those on my next trip to the supermarket.

You can read some more reviews of the Happy Monkey smoothies over on Bizzie Baby.

Before I go can I ask you all to pop over and follow Happy Monkey on their social media accounts. I’m sure they’d be delighted if you’d stop by and say hi.

happy monkey smoothies review

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