Review Of Polka Dot Self-Adhesive Vinyl / Foil From Kitsch Kitchen

review of kitsch kitchen polka dot self adhesive foilI was over the moon when I was sent some red and white polka dot self adhesive foil (or as we know it  ‘vinyl’) to review on my blog.  My whole kitchen is as polka dotty as I can get it…well that’s not strictly true…there are always more polka dots to be added! So when I was sent a 45 x 200cm roll of the polka dot self adhesive from Kitsch Kitchen I just couldn’t believe my luck.   It took me absolutely ages to pluck up the courage to cut into the roll ….. I had to be sure my DIY project was worthy of this beautiful retro loveliness.

In the end I opted for a couple of different projects. They were both really quick to do and I still have LOADS of vinyl left over to use on future creations.

The first thing I did was cover my pink netbook in polka dots. It only took a matter of minutes and was really easy to do. The vinyl did bunch up a slight bit at the corners ( I guessed that would happen anyway) but it’s not a problem to me.  All I did was lay my netbook upside down on the vinyl and draw around it. I then proceeded to cut out the piece of vinyl , peel of the paper backing and stick it on the top of my netbook. Voila…a polka dot netbook in next to no time!

review of kitsch kitchen polka dot self adhesive foilMy second ‘polka dot project’ was to give some old sugar, tea and coffee tins a bit of a revamp.  I bought these metal tins at a car boot to use as storage containers for bits and bobs. I didn’t need them for my sugar, etc as I already have a set of polka dot ones that I bought from Morrisons.

To do this project I unrolled some of the vinyl and then placed a tin on top of it, on its side. I then rolled the vinyl around it to get a rough estimate of the length of vinyl strip needed to go around the middle. I then cut out a strip of vinyl and stuck it down around the tin. I then repeated this with the other two tins. This took a bit longer than the netbook project as I needed to make sure that each one had its polka dot strip at the same level …it would have driven me crazy if they were uneven when lined up in a row. As you can see from the photo…thankfully that didn’t happen. 🙂

review of kitsch kitchen polka dot self adhesive foilThe polka dot self adhesive vinyl / foil is from a Dutch company called Kitsch Kitchen.  They are represented in the UK by Lemon Sherbet Agency.

I have done lots of Google searches but can’t seem to find any UK stockists of this product …. if this is indeed correct then not only am I ‘THE LUCKIEST POLKA-DOT LOVING BLOGGER’ around but it’s also a crying shame! I’m quite sure there must be ways of buying it in the UK so the best way to find out how to get some is to contact Claire or Sarah at Lemon Sherbet Agency and make a sales enquiry. If however you are a retailer reading this blog post…please start stocking this wonderful retro style product. 🙂 Your customers would LOVE it!

If you don’t mind paying a hefty delivery charge then you can always order this polka dot adhesive on the Kitsch Kitchen website. Each roll is 7,50 but with the delivery charge added on it works out at €30,00 (Euro) for 1 roll delivered to the UK. At today’s rate that is £23.95. However it does seem that the delivery price doesn’t increase even if you order 6 rolls…which means for 67,50 (equivalent to £53.89) you could grab yourself 6 rolls of this fantastic product. Just imagine the projects you could complete with that quantity!

This self adhesive foil doesn’t only come in polka dots…oh no…it comes in a huge array of funky designs. Here is a photo of them all…..

review of kitsch kitchen polka dot self adhesive foilI can really see these vinyls being used by VW camper van owners. It would be great for covering built in kitchen cupboard doors , fridges and worktops, etc.

Please stop by Kitsch Kitchen’s social media accounts and follow them on twitter and facebook. You can also ‘Like’ Lemon Sherbet Agency on facebook and twitter while you are there. I’m sure they’d love to hear how much you love the self adhesive vinyl designs. Which is your favourite??


1 thought on “Review Of Polka Dot Self-Adhesive Vinyl / Foil From Kitsch Kitchen

  1. Jay Kaye

    Hello there, Great review of Kitsch Kitchens adhesive foil, Just wanted to let you all know I have just started stocking this sticky backed plastic in my vintage homeware web shop . I can’t wait to get using this stuff, just imagine what you could do to a camper van or caravan. The limits are endless.
    Thanks again


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