Review Of SilDerm Stretch Mark Prevention Oil And Repair Cream

Review of SilDerm stretch mark prevention oil and repair creamWhen we first found out that my sister-in-law was pregnant SilDerm kindly sent her some stretch mark prevention oil and stretch mark repair cream to road-test.

“SilDerm™ for Stretch Mark Prevention Oil has been developed by medical professionals to prevent Stretch Marks. Stretch Marks occur in the majority of women when pregnant and are a result of the stretching of the skin. SilDerm™ for Stretch Mark Prevention Oil is the only clinically proven treatment for preventing Stretch Marks”

For the last 6 months she has been using the prevention oil on a daily basis and she is certainly impressed with it. She did already have some stretch marks from her previous pregnancy with her first child but since she has been using the SilDerm prevention oil she doesn’t think she has gained as many stretch marks with this pregnancy as she would have done if she hadn’t been using it.  She has found that some stretch marks have still appeared on her stomach but they are not as severe as she had imagined they would be. Even though they appeared maybe the prevention oil reduced their severity? To be honest I would say it is one of those things that you would never know the answer to. If she hadn’t used the prevention oil maybe she’d have been lucky and not gained any stretch marks but at least by using the prevention oil she has enjoyed conditioned skin throughout her pregnancy and doesn’t have as many stretch marks as she had envisaged.

There was one point during the pregnancy where she went on holiday for a few days and she forgot to take her SilDerm prevention oil with her and she says that she really noticed the difference that a few days without it made. The skin on her bump turned dry and uncomfortable! She was happy to get home again and continue using the oil.

She says that the oil absorbs quickly into the skin and it has a lovely fragrance. SilDerm have had clinical trials conducted to prove that their stretch mark products are safe to use during pregnancy. It is because of this that my sister-in-law was happy to use the oil.

You can read SilDerm’s description of the prevention oil on this link.The main ingredients of the oil are GOTU KOLA which is an extract from the Centella asiatica plant that stimulate fibroblast cells to produce collagen and TOCOPHEROL which is natural vitamin E – a strong antioxidant that helps prevent tissue damage.

My sister-in-law has said that she does think the £34.95 price tag for a 120ml bottle is a bit too expensive for her to just go out and buy it for herself however if she ever requires it again then she would definitely hint to the other half that he could treat her to it! 🙂

The 120ml pump bottle that she received is now running out but that means it has lasted throughout the second and third trimester of her pregnancy.

Review of SilDerm stretch mark prevention oil and repair creamI cannot currently write a review of the Stretch Mark repair cream as my sister-in-law hasn’t actually tried that out yet. Once she has had her baby she will start to use it on her old stretch marks (from her first pregnancy) and the mild ones that she has gained on her bump from this time round. It might be another 3 or 4 months time….but I will update this post with her thoughts once she has used it for a while. She didn’t want to use both products at the same time thus the reason for waiting to try the stretch mark treatment cream.

“SilDerm™ for Stretch Mark Repair  Cream is a unique combination of effective and safe ingredients that are proven to reduce the discolouration caused by Stretch Marks and decrease the depth of the Stretch Mark”

You can read more about the repair cream by clicking this link. The repair cream costs £39.95 for a 200ml tube.

SilDerm also sent me a Scar Gel to review but I haven’t been able to use that as thankfully I don’t have any scars to use it on. It is a new product that is designed for the treatment and prevention of red raised scars, old or new. It is clinically proven to flatten and reduce the redness of scars and is recommended by Physicians around the world. You can read more about it here. I am going to write a separate post about it in a moment so that people who might benefit from it can find out more about the Scar Gel.


If you decide to buy some SilDerm stretch mark products make sure to use code SD5 in their shop as it will give you a 5% discount.

Please follow them on Facebook and Twitter if you would like to keep up to date with their latest news and offers.

I’d like to say thank you to SilDerm for sending us these stretch mark products. My sister-in-law is delighted to have gained less stretch marks in this pregnancy than she thought she would …and as far as she is concerned that is down to using your prevention oil. 🙂






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