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Suitcase GloryHi everyone. This post is my entry into a blogger competition that Suitcase Glory are running. They are giving one blogger the opportunity to win the whole Suitcase Glory range worth £387. That is 3 fabulous suitcases that I could own… can I not enter a competition like that! 🙂

Suitcase Glory is a brand new luggage company and they sell high quality suitcases that have bang on trend designs. The lady behind the new company is Laura Daniel and she has worked in travel for years. She has commented that the reason for her starting her new ‘Suitcase Revolution‘ is because she got fed up of always picking up the wrong person’s suitcase from the luggage carousel. In the sea of black and blue luggage it was always difficult for her to find her own suitcase and when she tried to find a funky suitcase to buy she discovered that they were not the quality she had hoped for and the designs were not all that stylish. It took her a year of hard work and designing and then ‘Suitcase Glory’ was born.

The slogan of her company is ‘Join the suitcase revolution!’ and she hopes that it will encourage people to join them on social media and send in their suitcase ideas. Well by now you all know me very well and you’ll know I adore red and white polka dots….so what do you think my chances are of getting Laura to introduce a polka dot glory case into her range. Fingers crossed!  If she does design one I’ll have to hope she might give me a chance to review one for her. 🙂

Laura has started her company with three fabulous suitcase designs but she has said she has lots of ideas for future prints to be used on the cases. The current designs are ‘A World Of Glory‘ , ‘Life’s A Beach‘ and ‘Cherry Picked‘. My favourite is most definitely the cheerful cherry design as I love the retro, kitschness of it.

The suitcases cost £129 each and they are available to pre-order now at for delivery in September 2014. The range will also be available from September at

The high-quality Suitcase Glory cases are lightweight (weighing only 3.7kg) and are made of super-tough polycarbonate. They have memory foam handles and the handle height can be easily adjusted.  The interior of the case has a soft-touch fabric with a zip-storage pocket and there is a TSA-approved built-in lock which gives airport security access to the inside of the case via a master key rather than by using force. You will also find that because of the four wheels on the bottom the case you will be able to pull your suitcase effortlessly through the airport without it toppling over.

It would be great if you could go and follow the Suitcase Glory team over on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest. Plus you can keep up to date with their news by following their blog.

Don’t forget….if you want to pre-order yourself a Suitcase Glory case then click this link.


* P.S – If I win the competition I promise I will love and cherish my suitcases! Here’s hoping I’m lucky! 🙂


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