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review of turin chair from was recently sent a Turin Leather faced office chair to review from It wasn’t for me but for my mum. She had wanted a fancy chair like this for ages and when the opportunity arose that she could have one to road-test she jumped at the chance! 🙂

The chair arrived very promptly and I was very impressed with it! It went together fairly easily apart from a bit of difficulty attaching the arms but to be honest this is not a fault, just a quirk of most office chairs with arms!

I have made other flat-packed office chairs before and had exactly the same issue with those. My advice to you would be to have one person hold the arm you are trying to attach….makes life much easier! I was just so eager to put the chair together for my mum that I didn’t bother waiting for someone else to help me. It might have taken a bit longer to put together than I had anticipated ( as there was just me making it )…but it was time well spent as when my mum saw the chair she loved it!

Here is a video courtesy of OfficeFurnitureOnline that shows you the features of the Turin Office Chair :-

The leather faced office chair is a bargain at just £46.80 (inc VAT) with free delivery. It looks like it is worth much more than under £50! It is super comfy to sit on and it even has padded arms. The leather facing is very soft and the deep foam cushioning on the back part of the chair is much appreciated by whoever gets to sit in the chair.  My mum isn’t using the chair in an actual ‘office’ however she is using it at home for when she does ‘office work’ on her laptop.  It fits perfectly at her kitchen table because of the adjustable height and the wheels move very easily on her short pile carpet.

Whoever goes round her house now fights to try and be the one to sit on the comfy chair…after all who wants to sit on a pine chair when you could sit on something comfortable like the Turin one??!!

Here is a bit more info about the Turin Leather Faced Office Chair :-

(Taken from the Equip4Work website)

  • Quality soft feel leather facings with matching vinyl back and sides   (Very true!)
  • Comfortable padded arms     (This is a lovely added touch)
  • Modern stitching detail
  • Deep foam cushioning for support and comfort  (This has to be the best bit about the chair according to my mum)
  • Generous size seat and back for user comfort
  • Locking tilt mechanism – a single lever lets you adjust the seat height up & down and lock or unlock the tilt of the chair. The chair can be locked in the upright position or left to float free with the user  (It is so handy to be able to adjust the height of the chair to the correct height of the work surface you are working at)
  • Torsion control knob allows the floating tilt to be adjusted to the users body weight
  • Also available with a chrome base  (Ours had the black coloured base but I bet the chrome base looks really smart and ideal for an office environment)
  • 1 year manufacturers guarantee for 8 hours per day use  (Excellent!)
  • Delivered flat packed for easy self assembly  ( It is indeed easy to put together (best with  2 people) and I was delighted to see it even comes with the alan key that you need to put it together with. Makes a change from a lot of flat pack things where you have to go on a trip to the DIY store just to buy all the equipment you need to put together one little piece of furniture!)

Here is a video courtesy of OfficeFurnitureOnline that shows you how to assemble the chair :-

If you are in need of some office equipment either for your office at work or indeed your home office then please stop by the Equip4Work website. They stock a huge range of office furniture. This includes things such as filing cabinets, bookcases, chair mats, computer desks and office shelving. You’ll even find artificial plants to brighten up your office. 🙂

It has been a pleasure to review for this company and I’d like to say a big thanks to them for being kind enough to send my mum this chair for me to feature on my blog.

You can keep up to date with all their latest news and offers by following them on twitter, Google+, Facebook or You Tube.


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