Blog Tutorial :- Creating Image Maps / Clickable Photo Collages For Use In WordPress

Creating Image Maps / Clickable Photo Collages For Use In WordPressHi everyone

I am just writing a quick post to let you all know that I found a great tutorial on the web that explains how to make clickable photo collages or image maps – that can be used in your blog posts.

The tutorial is from The Art Of Doing Stuff website and here is the link :-

How To Make Multiple Clickable Images In Your WordPress Or Other Blog. Creating Image Maps

Today I have followed the helpful tutorial and created my first ever clickable photo collage for my review post about my polka dot rug from . It was slightly time consuming as I had so many clickable regions in my image map – 14 in total – and also the html code kept getting messed up when I switched between visual and html views (The Art Of Doing Stuff did warn me about this though!). I got it sorted in the end though and am extremely proud of myself! 🙂

I opted to upload the collage image that I had created in picmonkey (not the html image map) to a private page on my website so that the image was hosted on the server for my website. I then used the location of my uploaded image to edit the html code created by mobilefish so that the html code then placed the collage image and the html image map into my blog post. It sounds complicated but if you read through the tutorial I linked you all to then you will understand what I am talking about.

One tip I’d like to give you is this…..make sure that once you have generated your html image map code on mobilefish that you copy it down into a blank document so that if it gets messed up when you are altering things that you can refer back to it and just copy and paste it back into your document. It will save you a lot of time if the worst happens and it goes wrong.

Huge thanks to The Art Of Doing Stuff for their really useful tutorial. 🙂

Here is the image map I created :-

click map

3 stars cotton washable rug linen/white

beige cotton washable rug

cotton star rug navy

grey cotton washable rug

cotton rug linen-white stars

cotton rug linen-grey stars

cotton rug grey-white stars

blue cotton washable rug

3 stars cotton washable rug linen/white

pink cotton washable rug

red cotton washable rug

Lorena Canals Rugs

Petit Home

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