Review Of My Gorgeous, Cosy, Lorena Canals Polka Dot Rug From

review of Lorena Canals polka dot rug from am so delighted with my Lorena Canals red polka dot rug from  The lovely Aurore sent it to me free of charge to review when I moved into my new home.

I had looked and looked for a polka dot rug for my new house as I literally have red and white polka dots in nearly every room. I am very proud of it too! 🙂

So when I found the Petit Home website I asked Aurore if she fancied sending it to me and having it reviewed on my website and because it was my lucky year she ever so kindly said yes! (Thank you so so much Aurore. You made me so happy)

It is quite hard to find stockists of the Lorena Canals red polka dot rug in the UK but thankfully you can order it on the UK based Petit Home website. After you have placed your order it will then be shipped over to you from Spain. It can take between 20 and 30 days …but oh my, it is well and truly worth the wait! Not all of her products are sent from Spain but the Lorena Canals rugs are.

The rug costs £139 and it measures 120×160 cm. It is very large and perfect to cover a boring expanse of plain carpet. It is probably marketed as more of a rug for a nursery or child’s room but I have it down in my lounge. It is the highlight of the whole room and everyone cannot help but admire it. All my friends and family know how much I love polka dots so they are genuinely amazed that I have managed to find myself such a ‘quintessentially Kim’ rug for my house.

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3 stars cotton washable rug linen/white

beige cotton washable rug

cotton star rug navy

grey cotton washable rug

cotton rug linen-white stars

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cotton rug grey-white stars

blue cotton washable rug

3 stars cotton washable rug linen/white

pink cotton washable rug

red cotton washable rug

Lorena Canals Rugs

Petit Home
There are 12 different designs of Lorena Canals 100% cotton rug to choose from and if you click on the images above it will take you to their respective product pages on the Petit Home website.


Do you want to know the best bit about the handmade rugs….they are machine-washable!! This means that if your child has allergies then this rug would be ideal for their room as you can wash it as much as you need. I personally have not yet washed my rug because it still looks as good as new – even after 6 months of daily use. It is on the floor right in front of my sofa and it gets stood on every single day. I hoover it every couple of days to keep it clean and I am very impressed with how good it looks, even after all this time.

I do sometimes find that red fibres can come off the rug and onto the floor but I do have a beige carpet and to be honest I think you would expect this when the rug is as bright and vivid as this one is.  Also the pile does flatten a bit after a few days but once it has had a vacuum run over it the pile goes straight back to normal. Again the flattening of the pile is to be expected with a cotton rug of this kind and not a problem in the slightest. In fact , I would say it adds to the cosiness of the rug. 🙂

brands you can buy at petithomeIf you are envious of my gorgeous polka dot rug and would like to get yourself one then please pop over to the Petit Home website and place an order.

If you have any questions regarding the Lorena Canals rugs, or of course any other products stocked at Petit Home, then please contact Aurore on mobile number +44 7787 224 707 or email her on

There are many different products to buy on the Petit Home website. Here are just some of them….

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Wall Stickers

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Lighting For The Nursery Or Children’s Room

Music Boxes

Wall Hooks

And So Much More….!


It would be great if you could follow Petit Home on their social media accounts. You can find them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

They are a great company and one that I am sure you will love. I’d like to say another big Thank You to Aurore for organising me being sent the rug to review. I am very grateful and extremely happy with my beautiful polka dot rug. You made my house a home!


Petit Home

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