Review Of Pumpkin And Maple Syrup Scones From Sconnoisseur Fine Scones

Review of Sconnoisseur sconesHere at My Mummy Reviews HQ I recently had some Pumpkin and Maple Syrup scones sent to me to review from Sconnoisseur Fine Scones. The company was founded by Sergei who has worked as a Pastry Chef in some of London’s finest restaurants.

The concept of the company is that they will send you luxury handmade gourmet scones to your door with a selection of mini pots of jams and teabags.  It is such a wonderful idea and would make such a fitting gift for so many people. I can already see the potential of ordering this as gift for people who poorly are in hospital, lots of hospitals don’t allow flowers to be delivered, so something like this presentation box of scones with accompaniments is ideal.

I cannot express just how much I genuinely LOVE the name of this business….’Sconnoisseur’….it is pure genius!  🙂

Review of Sconnoisseur sconesThe beautiful black presentation box I was sent contained 4 pumpkin and maple syrup scones (2 packets each containing 2 scones) with two mini pots of jam and 4 individual twinings tea bags (2 x Earl Grey and 2 x English Breaksfast Tea). The contents were all carefully packed on a layer of shredded paper and it really did look luxurious and if you were considering sending this to someone as a gift it will definitely be a real treat for them.

The scones were from Sergei’s festive collection of scones (which isn’t yet on the Sconnoisseur website) and they were a very delicate taste with a subtle hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. I’ll be honest here – I am not normally a huge fan of pumpkin (or at least I didn’t think I was!) but I do love maple syrup so I thought I’d give the scones a go and eat them toasted with some butter and jam. If I’d have had clotted cream in the fridge I’d have added that but sadly there wasn’t any……not that it lasts long in the fridge when I have it!!

I was very surprised by the taste of the scones – the pumpkin was a very subtle taste and a hint of sweetness came through because of the blend of warm spices combined with the pumpkin and maple syrup. The wonderfully autumnal orangey yellow colour of the scones came from the pumpkin and a pinch of turmeric. I really enjoyed these and found you could most certainly tell that the scones were freshly made. They were NOTHING like the budget scones you get in the supermarket and much more like the ones you get in the lovely little coffee shops where they are lovingly hand-baked.

Review of Sconnoisseur sconesThere is an ever-increasing range of scone flavours available. Currently on the Sconnoisseur website you can choose from these traditional and more gourmet flavours :-

  1. Butter and Vanilla
  2. Traditional Fruit
  3. Rose Water
  4. White Chocolate and Cranberry
  5. Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate
  6. Dark Chocolate and Orange
  7. White Chocolate and Raspberry
  8. Spelt with Cinnamon and Dates
  9. Spelt, Walnut and Dark Chocolate
  10. Lemon and Poppy Seed

A luxury presentation box of 4 (same-flavour) handmade scones with 4 mini jams and 4 tea bags retails for £10.99 plus £3.99 postage. Alternatively for just £2 extra – so £13.99 – you can get 6 scones, 6 mini jams and 6 tea bags.  These scones are not cheap but they are not overly expensive either. Personally I feel that this price is just about right for a gourmet food gift. There is no getting away from the fact that whoever receives a Sconnoisseur Gift Box in the post is going to love them!

Review of Sconnoisseur sconesIt wasn’t just me that was recently sent some scones to review but also Becky from the ‘Becky BedBug’ blog got some too. You can read her review on this link.

If you decide to treat someone to a Sconnoisseur gift box of scones then I am sure they will really appreciate the gesture. To place an order please visit

Can I just add though that because these scones are freshly made they will not have a massive ‘eat by’ date on so if you are thinking of ordering these as a Christmas gift it would be best to check with Sergei to see when the optimum time to place your order is so that the date on the scones exceeds being opened on Christmas day.

You might also like to consider joining , or purchasing as a gift , the Sconnoisseur Scone Club. For a set fee you can get either a 3 or 6 month membership which entitles you to a monthly box of scones sent to your door….that has to be the ultimate treat! 🙂

You can find the Sconnoisseur team on social media. Here are the links you’ll need:-

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