Blog Tutorial :- – The Website That Turns Text In Capital Letters Into Lowercase Letters - The Website That Turns Text In Capital Letters Into Lowercase LettersYou know how when you are busy writing an email or blog post you can sit there tapping away at the keyboard for five minutes , really concentrating on what you are writing, and then when you look up at the screen you are devastated to see that EVERYTHING you have typed has been in CAPITAL LETTERS! Until today I didn’t know there was any fix for this – other than re-typing everything. It might be that you all know something that I don’t….but…..this scenario happened to me a minute ago and I googled it and found an answer to my problem.

The Website That Saves The Day And Changes Text In Capital Letters Into Lowercase Text!Type the capital letter text into this website and then click convert to lowercase and then hey presto…all done…your text will be in lower case. It is very quick and simple and then all you need to do is copy and paste it back into your document.

I am very happy to have found the case convert website and the reason I’m blogging about it is not only to tell all you lovely people – but also so that if it happens again I can check through my blog posts and find the link to help me fix my capital letter disaster. 😀

By the way – the Case Convert website can also:-

  • convert any text to lower or UPPER case. (or reverse).
  • make the first letter of a sentence a capital.
  • find and replace a word or fragment (case sensitive) and case insensitive
  • count words and characters


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