My #MotorMishaps – “Oops….I Lost My Bouquet Of Flowers…Off The Roof Of My Car!”


Photo source :- I have then edited it to add my text.

This is my entry into the #MotorMishaps competition being run by Covered Mag.

Let me think – over the years there have been a few #MotorMishaps but one which will always stick with me is this….

…When we were out shopping my mum bought me a lovely bouquet of flowers as she wanted to treat me. 🙂  I dropped her off at home after our shopping spree and said thank you to her for the lovely gesture of buying me these pretty flowers and I PROMISED to put them in water when I got home. There was a problem though….I got home and looked for the flowers in my car and couldn’t find them! Where could they be?? …I searched high and low in my little car but they were nowhere to be seen. I bit the bullet and phoned mum!

– “Mum, I’m really sorry but I seem to have left my bouquet of flowers in your house somewhere” says I.

– “No you haven’t” says mum.

Then mum said what all mothers say……

– “Where did you last have them?”

– “Well, I got in the car to go home and I laid the flowers down on the roof of the car while I got my daughter into her car seat and all our things in to the boot and then……..” “Aagh….that was the last time I saw them!”  Oops!!

Luckily mum forgave me and actually laughed about it. The moral of this story could be a few things –

  1. Don’t put things on the roof of the car as you are likeliest to forget them!
  2. Mums will forgive lots of things…shows how much they love you! Just remember if they buy you flowers get them home safely and pop them in water straight away.
  3. Think twice before asking someone if you left something they bought you at their house as if you didn’t you have just admitted that you lost it!! 😀

* P.S – I traveled back down the same road the next day and the flowers were nowhere to be seen. I hope someone found them and they were given to someone special. …not just run over! 🙁


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