Review Of 24cm Red Frying Pan With Ceramic Non-Stick Coating From EcoCook

review of 24cm ecocook saucepanMy whole kitchen is red with white polka dots and I have as much red cookware and kitchen accessories as I can find. The lovely Premier Housewares have helped me out with red cookware as back in November 2012 they sent me an ecocook 14cm red sauce pan to review on my blog and now in 2014 they have sent me a red 24cm ecocook non-stick frying pan with ceramic coating to road-test.

The red frying pan they have sent me has an RRP of £17.99 but it is currently on sale on for the bargain price of £10.13 with free delivery.

The ecocook frying pan has a unique ceramic non-stick coating and this coating is made from minerals – instead of plastic like on the traditional non-stick pans.  As the pan has the ceramic coating it is heat resistant up to high temperatures – so even if the pan was to overheat up to 280 degrees centigrade there will be no unhealthy toxic fumes released into your kitchen or even more importantly, into the food you are about to eat

The ceramic coating of the pan is a conductor of heat so this means that the pan should require less energy to heat it up on your cooker than when compared to a traditional pan with a plastic-based coating which is a resistor of heat. This means that in the long run you should end up using less energy to heat an ecocook pan than you used to use with your pans with a plastic-based coating. This is not only good for the environment but also great for your wallet!

I am so impressed with this frying pan, I really am! Food doesn’t stick in it and once you have finished using the pan it is extremely easy to clean. I tend to wipe it clean with a bit of kitchen roll and then wash it in warm soapy water. Take a look at the photo collage below to see how easy it is to wipe clean….

review of 24cm ecocook frying panThe pan has great reviews on Amazon …currently there are 88 reviews and it has a total of 3.6 stars out of 5. I am not surprised everyone loves it…it does the job it is meant to do but even better than that is the fact the pan is eco-friendly and the ceramic coating doesn’t contain PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) or PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

The ecocook frying pan is suitable for use on gas, electric, ceramic, induction and halogen hobs. It is dishwasher safe plus the handle is very sturdy and easy to hold.

Ecocook cookware is not only available in red but also in lime green and black. In the range you will find other cookware such as a milk pan, a 16cm saucepan with glass lid, a roasting dish and other items too.

Premier Ecocook cookware has gained the approval of the Good Housekeeping Institute and they have awarded them the accolade of Good Housekeeping Approved of 24cm ecocook frying panI am so happy to now have 2 of the red Ecocook pans in my personal collection. The frying pan is used all the time for frying eggs, cooking chicken breasts, making pancakes, etc and the milk pan gets used regularly for making gravy, reheating soup and cooking small amounts of pasta for my daughter.

Big thanks to Ecocook for sending me the pan to review  🙂


(Please note that the Zeal red silicone turner that you can see in the top photo was sent to me from a different company. sent it to me for review and I will write about it on the blog very soon.  It is perfect to use with Ecocook frying pans as it is heat resistant to 250 C )




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