Review Of My Dad’s New Coat! The Dickies Two Tone Softshell Jacket (And His New Socks Too!)


Dickies Two Tone Softshell Jacket reviewToday I am reviewing a two tone softshell jacket from Dickies Workwear. It was sent to my dad for review and do you know what…he absolutely loves it! My dad has got a rather impressive coat collection as he sometimes works outside so he always needs a nice , warm jacket to keep him snug and warm. Well….that’s his excuse anyway! 😀

When the opportunity came about that I could get him something to review from I just knew he would be delighted to try out some of their work gear. Both my dad and I already knew of the Dickies brand and we knew they were top quality and had a great reputation for selling good quality workwear clothing.

The Dickies brand started in the US in 1922 and nowadays it is known globally and it is synonymous with workwear and clothing that is specifically designed to be tough, hard-wearing and fit for purpose.

My dad was given a budget to spend and we spent a fair while browsing the website before a decision was made about what to pick for review. I knew he really wanted a coat to add to his collection but I did try and see if there was anything else he’d prefer instead…maybe a pair of Donegal Safety Boots (£45) or a pair of Dickies Eisenhower Multi-Pocket Trousers (£30). But in the end he decided that he was going to stick with what he knew best and he chose a new coat for himself. At first he was going to get the Glenwood softshell jacket (£43.50) but then he changed his mind when he found the two tone softshell jacket and discovered it had a hood. With the rainy British weather being like it is –  a hood is most definitely a welcome addition to any coat!

Dickies Two Tone Softshell Jacket reviewThe two tone softshell jacket is available in 6 different colourways and 6 different sizes. The colours you can choose from are as follows :- Red, Khaki, Grey, Olive Green, Black and Navy Blue and the coats are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

Dickies Two Tone Softshell Jacket reviewMy dad is so impressed with his coat! I am not joking when I say that since it arrived he has not stopped wearing it. I had been meaning to get this review done sooner but every time I tried to get a picture of the coat he was out and about with it on. Luckily I managed to get a picture of him wearing it the other day and you can see from the photo just how reflective the piping is on the arms and waist area of the jacket. The picture was taken when it was pitch black outside and the flash on my camera really makes a point of demonstrating how good and also important the reflective elements are. You can see that they will be very effective at making you visible to others when there are low light conditions.

The coat is £38.50 and it is well worth the money. It is light-weight but he says it keeps him really warm. It is waterproof but breathable at the same time. Like I said before, he loves it so much he is wearing it all the time! This particular jacket model was only launched in May 2014 so it is a new style but i am sure it will prove to be very popular.

My dad could have chosen any of the colours but he opted for the Olive Green version and he was very happy with his choice. In part, I think he preferred the Olive Green colourway as he thought it would match up well with the clothing he wears when he goes fishing…his favourite hobby. also sell the matching two tone micro fleece and polo shirt . They are both available in the same colourways and sizes as the softshell jacket.

On the DickiesStore You Tube channel they have uploaded a video that showcases the two tone softshell jacket that my dad was sent to review. It is a really informative video that highlights all the features of the coat such as the adjustable hem, the adjustable cuffs and the zip fastening pockets on the sides and chest.

My dad was also sent some Dickies socks to review. He chose the 3 pack of strong work socks for £6.50 as he thought they sounded like a good quality pair of socks. The socks are designed to be worn with professional workwear shoes and safety boots as they have full cushioning throughout the sole, combined with a reinforced heel and toe area, which are traditionally the high wear zones. They also have a comfort top to ensure that they don’t hurt your legs.  The socks are UK size 7-11 (Euro 41-45).  My dad has said that true to their word the socks are indeed comfortable to wear. You can never have enough socks so my dad is pleased they sent these to him.

Dickies Two Tone Softshell Jacket review

I’d like to say a big thank you to for sending my dad these things to review. In the 4 years of doing this blog there has only ever been a few things my dad has reviewed but since you picked him as a reviewer for your products he has got a taste for it! 😀 If you ever need anything else reviewing you know where to come.

If you would like to keep up to date with the new product launches and special offers on Dickies workwear clothing then please follow them on twitter and facebook.


If you are thinking of ordering something from DickiesStore as a gift for somebody this Christmas then you will be pleased to know that until 23rd December you will get Free Next Day Delivery! I can highly recommend the Two Tone Softshell Jacket to you all.

Dickies Two Tone Softshell Jacket review


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