Looking For Unique, Handmade Jewellery? Visit NudeJewellery.co.uk

nude jewellery handmade jewellery LondonIf you do a web search for ‘ Handmade Jewellery London ‘ you will be met with a link to a fantastic website called Nude Jewellery. They sell the most amazing contemporary jewellery that I have ever seen!

I thought I’d showcase some of my top picks for you all….but it was such a hard job to just pick 12 pieces to highlight! Nude Jewellery sell so many wonderful jewellery collections…there is Chantilly Lace, Nude Diamond Couture, Order in Chaos and many more.

Here are the links to the jewellery pieces you can see pictured in the collage above:-

It is jaw-dropping to just see the amount of variation they have in the jewellery on their website. I didn’t know it was possible to create so many different styles of necklace and bracelets.

They can also do a bespoke jewellery design service , should you be looking for that one-of-a-kind showstopper.

If you like unique jewellery London ‘s Nude Jewellery boutique is the place to visit.


*I am hoping to be able to review something from the Nude Jewellery website for you in the future. Question is….how would I ever pick?! 🙂

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