Want A New Smile Without Needles, Injections + Dental Drills? Check Out The ‘Snap On Smile’ Available At Sensu London

sensu cosmetic dentistry Harley Street  london snap on smileIn today’s collaborative post I want to introduce you to a cosmetic dentistry procedure called a Snap On Smile. Until I saw Sensu London ‘s website I never knew that such a thing existed!

Sensu describes the Snap-On Smile as being a ‘simple, convenient and safe treatment, which gives you a flawless smile without having to worry about needles and injections or the dreaded dental drill.’  I have to say it does sound good!

If I’m honest I am not a fan of going to the dentist as I don’t like the dental drill or having to have injections. Before now I haven’t ever needed to look into cosmetic dentistry procedures as I had a metal orthodontic brace fitted for a year when I was a teenager and that thankfully gave me straight teeth when I was older.

sensu cosmetic dentistry Harley Street london snap on smileIf , however , I were to consider having a cosmetic procedure carried out on my teeth in the future I would have thought that the only way to get a shiny white smile of perfect teeth was to have an expensive procedure done such as dental implants or veneers. Until today I didn’t realise there was the option of purchasing a Snap On Smile for a fraction of the price of the other 2 procedures I mentioned.

The Snap On Smile is fitted by your dentist at Sensu and it is said to be the perfect solution for getting a great smile without having to undergo intensive dental treatment. It is a removable dental appliance that creates the illusion of a perfect smile.  To wear the Snap On Smile you just place the appliance over your natural teeth and you will get a flawless smile immediately. There is no pain or drilling involved and the treatment is completely reversible. You will get the chance to choose your favourite shade of white for the smile and you can discuss with the dentist which smile shape you would like to achieve.

The Snap on Smile is made from high grade dental resin and it has been designed to look natural when worn. It is ideal for those of you that are hoping to achieve a beautiful, radiant smile but without spending thousands of pounds.

The Sensu website says that the Snap On Smile is comfortable to wear and that you can even eat whilst wearing it. It can be worn all day every day but it must be removed when you go to sleep. They say that it is ideal for anyone who has chipped, discoloured, worn or misshapen teeth and for those of you that just wish for a glossy, bright smile like you see on the A-list celebrities.

To find out more about the Snap On Smile or any other cosmetic dentistry procedures that Sensu London offers then please give them a call on 020 3393 6640 to book a consultation in their dental practice which is situated in the world renowned Harley Street district of London.


* This is a collaborative post

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