Learn How To Test The Water Pressure In Your Home.

water pressure problemsIn this sponsored post I am going to introduce you all to a fantastic website that will help you find out if you have low water pressure in your home. To discover if your water pressure is low you need to do the water pressure test that they detail on their website. It is very quick and easy to do and all it requires is a measuring jug and a stopwatch!

I’m going to be honest here….I don’t know too much about water pressure…be that high or low. All I really know is that low water pressure can sometimes mean that you don’t get a decent shower in the morning. I experienced this annoyance in my last house and that certainly used to stress me out and probably raised my blood pressure!

The Water Pressure Problems website wasn’t around when I lived in my last house as it was only launched last year by Salamander Pumps.  So back then I couldn’t do the Low Water Pressure Test that they advise you to do on their new website.

I only knew I had Low water pressure in my old home because my dad has diagnosed it when I questioned him about why is the bathroom tap only dribbling, why is the toilet cistern taking so long to fill up and why is the shower so dreadful! Until I was told about the water pressure test on the www.waterpressureproblems.com website I had no idea there was a way you could actually test the water pressure on your taps. I thought I just had to take my dads word for it!   Not that I don’t trust my dad….because I do! 🙂

I never did anything about the water pressure in my old home as I didn’t think there was much I could do to fix it. I thought it was just one of those things you have to live with!

Turns out that isn’t the case and there are actually things that can be done to improve the water pressure in your home. You can read all about how to fix low water pressure on their website. The fix that is required is all dependent on what type of system you have in your home : Gravity Fed , Combi Boiler or Unvented System.  I shan’t go in to much more detail about the fixes that can be done as the website explains everything so well that I think you should go and have a read. They write in plain English and make everything easy to understand plus their FAQ page is absolutely packed full of questions and answers related to water pressure problems.

I have done the test for low water pressure in my current home and I am delighted to say that I don’t have low water pressure. My results are below….

water pressure testMy results say 10-15 litres per minute and that this is acceptable. It does say that they could possibly improve my water performance for me (but it would be dependent on my plumbing system and fittings). As I haven’t really noticed any problems with my water pressure I don’t feel I need any improvements to be made but if you are experiencing problems with the water pressure in your home then I’m sure the website will have some answers and advice for you.

I have to say that before being asked to write this post I would not have had a clue about water pressure or types of systems. I would not have had the foggiest idea about what to say to a plumber if I had tried to ask him to fix my water pressure issues but after reading through the Water Pressure Problems website I feel much more informed. I absolutely love the fun, vibrant design of their website and the illustrations and informative videos are fantastic! 🙂

It is great that they devised a water pressure test that we can all take to determine if we have this issue in our homes. They even have a Request A Plumber page on their website so you can be put into contact with a fully trained plumber who can come out and do a free site survey to see if one of the Salamander Pumps would improve the water pressure in your home.

To take the water pressure test click this link and follow the instructions.

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Thanks for reading.

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