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glitzy bingoToday I am writing a sponsored post for a fellow reviewer. The lady who I am writing for is called Rachael and she is the founder of the Glitzy Bingo website. She too has a passion for reviewing things and she started her website so she could write honest reviews of online Bingo sites which she had used. We are very similar as we both started our websites so we could have a place to write down our opinions of websites and products. I tend to focus on consumer products such as kids toys and homeware whereas as she writes about the fun hobby that is…. Bingo!

I absolutely love a game of Bingo as does my mum and lots of other people in my family. I don’t think anything really beats the thrill of waiting for your numbers to come up on your bingo card…be that a real one or a virtual one. Don’t go thinking I am generous and bet lots of money…oh no, that’s not me at all. I’m a strictly 2p and 5p lady! I can sometimes be persuaded to buy the 10p online bingo cards but that’s normally only if I’m using bonus bingo cash! 🙂 I bet you didn’t know that some online bingo websites even have 1p cards…oh yes….that’s 100 goes at winning for just a quid! A cheap evening of fun and you never know you might even win the jackpot!

Glitzy Bingo has been running for nearly 8 years and it is a site that is packed full of bingotastic promotions and reviews of Rachael’s favourite online bingo websites. She has dedicated her time to writing up reviews for you all so that you can get a glitzy glimpse of what each online bingo site will be like before you decide to join up. She writes her ‘First Impressions’ , she mentions ‘Welcome Offers and Promotions’ and then she gives her ‘Overall Opinion’. She doesn’t leave it there though…she also mentions the types of bingo games the site offers as well as talking about the slot machine games, telling you whether you can use that bingo site on your mobile / tablet device or not and then she also mentions the support the site offers regarding gambling issues.

You will also find bingo game guides, reviews of online casinos and slots.

Glitzy Bingo are on the main social media platforms so make sure to follow them on twitter, Facebook and Google+ ….that way you will find out when they know of any new Bingo promotions that are running. You can also subscribe to their email newsletter to keep up to date with their latest news. The form to fill in with your email address is in the top right hand corner of the home page.

glitzy bingo online bingo website reviewIn the words of Rachael herself, please don’t forget “Even though bingo can be fun it is also a form of gambling. Please always remember to set yourself a budget with the tools provided on every site and do gamble responsibly“. This was taken from their facebook page where Rachael does the very responsible thing of reminding people that Bingo is gambling and that it is very important that you only gamble on the online bingo sites if you fully understand the implications of what you are doing.   I whole-heartedly agree with this message and back up what Glitzy Bingo say. I also feel that as long as you have your eyes open to the fact that Bingo is gambling (and that you need to act responsibly) then should you wish to play the game please do go forth and get your Eyes Down! 🙂

It has been a real pleasure to write about the Glitzy Bingo website as I know from a personal point of view how much hard work has gone into the writing of the reviews for her website.  Glitzy Bingo is dedicated to guiding you all through the world of online bingo and helping you have fun along the way!

To visit the Glitzy Bingo website please visit this link  –

Before I go I thought you might all like to watch this BBC documentary about the history of Bingo. It looks like an interesting video.

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