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angling times reviewA few weeks back my dad was sent a complimentary copy of the Angling Times so that we could review it on my blog.

My dad was delighted to be sent that particular weeks issue for free…however the honest truth is that even if he hadn’t have been sent it for free…he’d have still read it as he would have been and bought it from Tesco! 🙂

He loves the Angling Times and he reads it most weeks. Sometimes he buys it for himself, sometimes I buy it for him and sometimes my mum buys it on the supermarket trip. Whichever way….we know that once he gets his hands on the latest copy of the much-loved fishing newspaper that he will sit down with a nice cup of tea and read what’s been going on in the world of fishing.

There is even an online Angling Times website with fishing news and info on it but I’m afraid my dad isn’t going to be swayed by that. He likes to get his fishing news by reading the traditional newspaper!

The Angling Times was first published in 1953 and it has been published on a weekly basis since then. My dad has been buying it for the last 20 years or so and he is still as impressed with the newspaper today as he was when he first started reading it in the late 90s.  The newspaper comes out every Tuesday and it costs £1.90  (except at Christmas when it costs a bit more as you get a bumper issue! )       I have every faith that 20 years later he will still be buying his weekly copy on a Tuesday!

angling times review

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You can choose to either pop to your local newsagent or supermarket every Tuesday to pick up your latest copy of the Angling Times or instead you can start a subscription and have it delivered to your door each week.  My dad has done this in the past as my mum bought him a subscription as a birthday present and he loved having it arrive on the doormat every week.

The Angling Times subscriptions can be bought from the Great Magazines website.

You can choose from a subscription for a :-

Print and Digital version (apple devices) of the newspaper

Print version of the newspaper

Digital version of the newspaper (apple devices)

The prices for subscriptions varies all the time so it is best to keep an eye on their website so you don’t miss any good offers.  Also if you use Quidco or TopCashback make sure to go through those sites when you sign up to an Angling Times subscription as there is cashback to be earned (amount varies all the time)

Before I go, can I please ask you all to go and follow Angling Times on facebook and twitter. Thanks. 🙂




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