Review Of Monkey Print 100% Organic Cotton Baby Romper Suit From Mrs Goose Designs

Monkey Print 100% Organic Cotton Babygro From Mrs Goose DesignsIf you like to dress your baby or toddler in 100% organic cotton then check out Mrs Goose Designs. You will love the things you find on there! They sell organic babygros , organic baby vests and organic baby bibs plus more besides.

The brand was created by Jessica Griffiths as she was inspired to design quirky, playful images that could be transferred onto children’s clothing. She wanted the designs to have an educational element so she chose to create colourful animal images which are filled with a print that is associated with the animal itself. So for example on the Monty the Monkey design romper, which my sister has been sent for review,  you find the fill pattern of the monkey design is actually yellow bananas as monkeys love to eat them! On the Rosie the Rabbit design you find carrots, on the William the Whale design you find fish and so on and so forth. I think it is a really clever idea for Jessica to design her images like this and it works really well when applied to the organic cotton fabric.  The design is eye-catching and educational but most importantly it’s FUN! 🙂

Organic Cotton Babygro From Mrs Goose DesignsMy sister is pregnant and Jessica kindly sent her one of the Monty the Monkey long sleeve all-in-one romper suits for her to put aside for when the new baby is born….my little niece or nephew.

The babygro is so cute and looking at the mini size of it and the tiny feet (as it is 0-3 months) really brings home the exciting prospect that there is soon going to be a new baby around to wear it.

The Mrs Goose Designs organic long sleeve baby romper suit costs £18 and the shipping is £3 within the UK. It is available in the following sizes :- 0/3 months , 3/6 months, 6/12 months and 12/18 months.  It is made of a cream coloured 100% organic cotton and it fastens at the front and down the leg with little metal poppers.

In Jessica’s biography on her website she tells us about how she always loved Art and Design and she explains that she was inspired to create her cute ‘Mrs Goose Designs’ because of her son Freddie’s love of animals. She is a mumpreneur who is on a mission to brighten up kids organic clothing and I would say she is most definitely succeeding! You can’t help but smile at the adorable monkey romper suit that she sent to my sister for when her new baby arrives

Here is a collage photo of a selection of the items that are available to buy from Mrs Goose Designs….. Aren’t they all gorgeous! You can see them all over on the website.

Organic Cotton Babygro From Mrs Goose DesignsWe haven’t yet washed the delightful little outfit that was sent to my sister as her baby isn’t due until later in the year but according to the washing label on the outfit, it can be machine washed on a warm, delicate setting.  It is advised that you wash it inside out (so as to protect the transfer image) and it says that it can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.

The cute little romper suit came wrapped up in tissue paper and it was stuck in place with a branded sticker. All these lovely touches made this a wonderful gift for my sister. Thank you, Jessica! 🙂

This is the first piece of baby clothing my sister has ready for when the new baby arrives and so for reason it will be forever treasured!

You can keep up to date with the newest designs launched in the Mrs Goose Designs organic baby clothing collection by following them on twitter and facebook.

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