Review Of Pomegranate & Orange Soybean Candle From Goodies and Sparkles

Review of Soyabean Jar Candle - Pomegranate & Orange from Goodiesandsparkles.LondonNow if you think the above picture of the candle is gorgeous you should try smelling it! It’s wonderful!

The Pomegranate and Orange Soybean Candle is made by Bamboo and it was sent to me for review by Goodies and Sparkles. It’s a really delicate fragrance that fills the room with it’s delightful scent. I can’t say whether or not it smells exactly like Pomegranate and Orange as never before have I had the opportunity to smell the two scents together but what I can say is that it smells absolutely wonderful! 🙂

Goodies and Sparkles describes the candle as smelling ‘Clean and fresh like a Mediterranean terrace’ and they say it is ‘Revitalising  and refreshing’. I would definitely agree with all of this. I would also add that I feel it is a very feminine scent and it is not too overpowering. I find it to be a very relaxing scent and I love the girly soft pink colour of the wax.

The candle can burn for up to 30 – 35 hours and I am already 3/4 of the way through burning it. Since receiving this candle I have been lighting it all the time as I just LOVE the smell of it. On the website they suggest it would be a great candle to light in the room for when you are  doing Yoga or any uplifting exercise.

Review of Soyabean Jar Candle - Pomegranate & Orange from Goodiesandsparkles.LondonIt is very important that the first time you light this candle that you burn it for a good couple of hours as you want to avoid the candle tunneling (where the wax only part melts and you end up with solid wax up the sides of the glass container). I have to admit the first time I lit this I didn’t have the chance to have the candle lit for long enough length of time and I did end up with some tunneling / wax left in the corners of the jar. But all was not lost though as I turned to Google for help and found a blog post that advises you to wrap some tin foil around the candle jar while it is burning. I did this the second time I lit the candle and it worked wonders! The wax (that had stayed up the edges of the jar from the last time) melted down the second time around and I ended up with an even, smooth pool of melted soy wax from then onwards.

The Pomegranate and Orange candle is made from soybean wax which is a processed form of soybean oil.  This is the first soybean candle I have ever had and I am very impressed with it. The candle is free of synthetic wax or paraffin and it comes in a chunky recycled glass container.  The candle is 8 cm high, 7cm wide and 7cm deep.

To buy the Pomegranate and Orange Soybean Candle from the Goodies and Sparkles website will cost you £9.60 and postage charges apply.  When you consider that for £9.60 you are getting a candle that could burn for up to 35 hours it works out that the candle could possibly only cost you less than 28p per hour to have it lit and fragrancing your home with its delightful scent.

I think this candle would make a great treat for yourself or a wonderful gift for a friend. It came beautifully presented in a natural craft gift box and because of the presentation box and the gold metallic sticker on the jar it looked really rather expensive! 🙂

There are eight other Bamboo Soybean candles available on the Goodies and Sparkles website. You can purchase them all here and there is a photo of them all in the photo collage below….

Review of Soyabean Jar Candle - Pomegranate & Orange from Goodiesandsparkles.London

The 8 other fragrances available in the Bamboo Soybean Candles range are as follows :-

It would be great if you could all take a moment to follow Goodies and Sparkles on social media. You will find Alison (the founder of the company) on facebook, twitter and Pinterest.  She’s ever such a friendly lady and I’m sure she’d love you to send her a quick tweet/ message and say hi  🙂

Before you head on over to the website can I warn you…you’ll find it hard to choose what to buy! Alison stocks so many wonderful products and everything is at a really reasonable price.  She doesn’t only sell candles, she also sells Jewellery, Home Fragrance, Stoneware,  Crystals and so much more.

I’d like to say a big Thank You to Alison for sending me this candle to review. If you would like to buy one to have in your home then please click this link. It really does smell divine!

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