Review Of My ‘Polka Dot’ Majestic Baby Bunny Keepsake Teddy Made By Blissful Baby Gifts From My Daughter’s Outgrown Clothes

review of Blisful baby Gifts keepsake teddyI was very lucky to be offered the opportunity to have a keepsake bunny made by Blissful Baby Gifts using my daughter’s outgrown clothes. I happily agreed and promptly picked two of my daughter’s old polka dot clothes to send to Jennifer for her to work her magic on!

The clothes I posted to her were a Sainsbury’s ‘Tu’ polka top that I had always loved and also a gorgeous red/white spot toddler wrap dress by Rock Your Baby (I was actually sent this to review back in June 2011 by a company called Duo South). The polka dot dress had never been worn all that much as the size I had received at the time was a bit on the snug side. It is fantastic to know that it can now be upcycled into a beautiful teddy that we can look at every day!

Jennifer offered to make me a ‘review’ keepsake teddy from any of her Majestic Range. It was a tough choice but in the end I went for the Majestic Bunny as I thought the floppy ears were so cute!

My clothes arrived with Jennifer on the 2nd March and by the 7th the keepsake bunny was already completed. It was then posted out to me on Monday 9th and arrived with me on the 11th. It was such a quick turnaround! Jennifer kept me fully informed at all times and she even sent me the tracking number when my parcel was sent out so that I could follow the teddy on its journey to my home.

The keepsake bunny that Blissful baby Gifts created for me is beautiful. It is extremely well sewn and Jennifer has made the best use of the materials she was sent from me. For example, the polka dot dress had a white ribbon around the waist and she has cleverly incorporated this into the design so the bunny has a bow around the neck.

review of Blisful baby Gifts keepsake teddy

The teddy costs £20.00 and the recorded delivery price to send your finished teddy back to you is £4.90. You will also need to arrange posting your clothes to Jennifer in the first instance so she can handmake your unique keepsake gift for you. Once you have been through the checkout process she will contact you with the address to post the clothes to.

I have been very impressed with the service and the finished keepsake bunny is so cute! My daughter loves it and has called it ‘Spot’. I wonder why?! 🙂

I love how Jennifer has made the front of the bunny from one fabric and the back of the bunny from the other fabric. The way that she has attached the legs so you can see both fabrics from the front is fantastic!

review of Blisful baby Gifts keepsake teddyI wouldn’t hesitate for a moment in recommending Blissful Baby Gifts to you all. If you are looking to have a keepsake teddy made then please stop by Jennifer’s website and see if she can make you just what you are looking for.  It is a lovely way of turning treasured clothes that would normally be stored in a box in the loft into a teddy that can be looked at on a daily basis.

To view the full Majestic Range of keepsake bears please click this link. You can choose from the following designs (prices vary from £20 up to £30) ;-

  • Majestic Keepsake Bunny
  • Majestic Keepsake Duck
  • Majestic Keepsake Honey Bear
  • Majestic Keepsake Puppy Dog
  • Majestic Keepsake Elephant
  • Majestic Keepsake Classic Bear
  • Majestic Keepsake Giraffe
  • Majestic Keepsake Lion
  • Majestic Keepsake Monkey
  • Majestic Keepsake Reindeer
  • Majestic Keepsake Dragon

You can also order lots of other great gifts from the Blissful baby website. There are lovely items such as Nappy Cakes, Memory Blankets and Embroidered Gifts and Clothing.

I’d like to say a big Thank You to Jennifer for making me this bunny to review. It was very kind of her. 🙂

Please stop by and say hi her to her on social media. You can find her on twitter and she also has a Pinterest account, a You Tube channel and an etsy shop.


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