Review Of ‘Money-Saving’ EcoEgg Laundry Products. My Mum Loves Them!

ecoegg laundry product reviewBack in February I approached EcoEgg to see if they would send me a reusable laundry egg to road-test and review on my blog. I was really pleased when they said yes! They also very kindly said they would send me a pump bottle of their concentrated fabric conditioner and a packet of their washing machine detox tablets.

The products arrived in mid February and my mum set about using them straight away. Before I tell you what she thought of ,let me first explain what the products are…

The Laundry Egg is a money-saving, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to washing powder. It is a reusable egg that you fill with a mixture of mineral and tourmaline pellets. This pellet mix acts as a natural detergent when put in the washing machine with your dirty clothes. The ‘Spring Blossom’ fragrance egg that my mum was sent will last for 210 washes and it costs….wait for it….just £9.99!! That works out at less than 5p per wash. How amazing is that! Once she has used the laundry egg for 210 washes she doesn’t need to bin it – all she needs to do is buy a refill pack of laundry pellets. A pack of refill pellets costs just £7.49 and will last for 210 washes. …that means those subsequent washes will costs just over 3p per wash! The laundry egg is available in Spring Blossom or Soft Cotton fragrance. There is also a fragrance free version which is award-winning and perfect for using to wash baby clothes or clothing for people that have sensitive skin conditions. It is even supported by the National Eczema Society and has won the top Gold Award For Best Baby Skincare Products by Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine. EcoEgg offer a 10 year no-quibble guarantee on the plastic egg part of their laundry products! How amazing is that! You can find out more here andremember to keep a copy of your receipt when you purchase your EcoEgg as you would need that to be able to claim on the guarantee.

ecoegg laundry product reviewThe massive 1.5L pump bottle of super concentrated fabric conditioner costs £9.99 and that will do 240 washes. All it takes is 3 squirts of the fabric conditioner into your fabric conditioner drawer and you will have your clothes very subtly smelling of your chosen fragrance when they come out of the washing machine. My mum was sent the Spring Blossom fragrance but it is also available in Jasmine Infusion and Soft Cotton.

The washing machine detox tablets come in a pack of 6 tablets for £3.99. They are formulated without the use of harsh chemicals and are designed to deep clean your washing machine. They will remove nasty odours in the drum and eliminate nasty residue build up in the pipes and crevices of your washing machine.  After using them you should have a machine that is clean and fresh. You should use one tablet every 6 months – so one pack will last you for 3 years!

ecoegg laundry product reviewSo, here are my Mum’s thoughts on the EcoEgg laundry products:-

Laundry Egg – At first my mum was slightly dubious that the laundry egg would get stains out of clothes. She did believe it would get her clothes clean smelling but wasn’t entirely convinced it would remove tough stains from white and light coloured clothing. Guess what, her doubts were unfounded….the laundry egg did indeed get her clothes very clean and the stains did disappear too.  If I’m honest, she was rather gobsmacked, I have to admit that, at first, I too was rather doubting of the cleaning power of a plastic egg with pellets in it but I too have been prompted to change my mind by seeing the cleaning power that this laundry egg delivers!My mum is super impressed by how simple the laundry egg is to use. Basically all you have to do is fill it up with pellets when you first get it and then stick it in the washing machine. No other effort required!  My mum leaves her laundry egg in the washing machine and because of this it makes the laundry egg space-saving as you can’t leave a bottle of detergent in the machine when not in use. You have to find somewhere to store it! If you were using this in a house where there are kids present it would be advisable to store the laundry egg out of the way of little hands though as the last thing you would want is them getting hold of it.  However, my mum no longer has little kids at home so she needn’t worry.

My mum is really happy that she can no longer run out of detergent and be forced to make a trip to the shop just to buy some. This is a really big bonus for her as she doesn’t live too close to a shop so it would be a 30 minute round journey to go and buy a bottle of washing detergent. When she does need to buy a pack of laundry egg refill pellets (in about 11 months time) she can order them online and have them delivered to her door. She loves that idea!

My mum has been extremely impressed by the results she has seen when using the laundry egg to wash her clothes. The whites have come up clean , the coloured clothes have stayed vibrant and she has found that the results she is getting is even better than when she uses laundry liquid.

She can’t really smell much of the Spring Blossom fragrance, even though she is using both the laundry egg and the fabric conditioner, but this is a bonus for her as she doesn’t like her clothes to be too scented as she does have sensitive skin when it comes to washing powders and liquids.  She has had no issues with itchy skin since using the laundry egg and she is very happy about that!

ecoegg laundry product reviewSuper Concentrated Fabric Conditioner – This is a very big bottle of fabric conditioner, It is 1.5 litres and it comes with a pump so you can squirt out the fabric conditioner into the drawer of your washing machine. You are advised to use 3 (or more) squirts of fabric conditioner for a cycle of washing but my mum has unintentionally only been using 2 squirts. She had forgotten I’d said she should use 3 squirts so had set about using only 2 pumps of the fabric conditioner per wash. Because of this there is a reduced Spring Blossom fragrance on her washed clothing but this doesn’t bother my mum in the slightest – she is more than happy with just the genuine clean smell her washing has after being washed with the laundry egg and the concentrated fabric softener. Another bonus to only using 2 squirts is that the bottle of fabric conditioner will last much longer! The bottle should last for 240 washes and as this is just under £10 for the bottle that makes each fabric conditioned dose (of 3 squirts) just over 4p. Bargain!
At first my mum did find the bottle a little bit awkward to hold over the detergent drawer because of its weight and bulkiness but now she has got the hang of it and doesn’t want to go back to the old days of tipping a capful of fabric conditioner into the drawer each time she does a wash. It just took a little bit of practice and then she was sorted.My Mum has said that her clothes are noticeably soft and that is what she is looking for when using a fabric conditioner in a wash. She has said she would definitely want to buy this again!

Washing Machine Detox Tablets – There isn’t too much to say about these other than they are affordable and that as far as we are aware they work perfectly well at detoxing your washing machine. My mum hasn’t got round to using one of these yet but I have. I popped it in to the empty washing machine drum and did a high temperature wash (as advised) with just the detox tablet in the drum. It made a few suds – although I think that was from the residue of the last wash I had done in the washing machine. This is one of those product that you can’t really see what it has done but just have to put your faith in the product. However, this doesn’t apply if you are experiencing bad odours in your washing machine drum as this tablet should fix that problem and make it obvious that it has is has fixed the issue. It is reassuring to know that the tablets don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Overall my Mum is extremely impressed with the EcoEgg laundry products and would definitely recommend them to you all. She believes that the products have proven themselves to work extremely well and she will definitely be sticking with them for the foreseeable future!

If you would like to purchase any of the products that I have mentioned in today’s blog post please visit the ecoegg website to place your order directly with them. Alternatively you can also buy their products from selected online retailers such as Argos online (home delivery only) . Amazon UK and QVC.

ecoegg laundry product reviewOther handy laundry products they sell are Dryer Eggs, Stain Remover and Spray & Refresh. Make sure to visit their site and check them out!

If you are a fan of social media, please stop by and follow EcoEgg. You will find them on twitter, facebook and You Tube.

Thanks for reading my review and Happy Money Saving with EcoEgg!


Update :- I now have my own eco egg. You can read my review here!

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