Review Of My Beautiful ‘Fabulous Fripperies’ Handmade Cosmetic Bag Made From Vintage Floral Fabric. Plus An EXCLUSIVE Discount Code! (Valid Until 25/03/15)

fabulous fripperies handmade cosmetic purse reviewIt was a wonderful moment when I went to see what the postman had delivered to me one day and I found that my beautiful handmade cosmetic bag from Fabulous Fripperies had arrived. 🙂

I have been very lucky because the lovely Saundra from Fabulous Fripperies had gifted me this stunning handmade make-up bag that she had made using vintage Warner & Sons floral fabric. It is truly gorgeous!

fabulous fripperies handmade cosmetic purse reviewThe fabric is immaculate, especially considering it is vintage. This material has most definitely been carefully stored and cared for over the years. It is a very crisp cotton and the floral design is distinctly vintage in style. I have always loved floral designs as they are such timeless classics! I get my love of shabby chic floral designs from my Mum’s sisters. They have always worn the prettiest of dresses over the years and more often than not they have been made from flowery Laura Ashley (and similar) fabrics.

The cosmetic purse is lined in a perfectly coordinating green cotton fabric. The green colour is such a close match to the green used in the floral design – this special touch really adds to the beauty of the bag.

fabulous fripperies handmade cosmetic purse reviewI adore my lovely new cosmetic bag and I wouldn’t hesitate for one moment in recommending a Fabulous Fripperies cosmetic purse to you all.  In the online shop site you can choose from a cosmetic bag made from the Warner & Sons fabric , like the one that I have been sent, or from other lovely vintage fabrics – which you can see in the photo collage above. Please note that these designs are available at the moment but when they have gone they have gone. As all the cosmetic bags are made from vintage fabrics it is hard for Saundra to get hold of more of the same fabric once it has been used up. But that is what makes them so special in the first place. They are unique creations and they are made to be treasured.  Her currently available collection is made from vintage fabrics such as Laura Ashley from 1978 and 1984 , Nicolas Herbert , Warner & Sons and Michael Szell.  I wonder which beautiful fabrics she’ll use for her next collection? 🙂

fabulous fripperies handmade cosmetic purse reviewI must make a point of saying that the quality of Saudra’s sewing is so professional! I am a keen seamstress myself so therefore I know the hard work that has gone into making an item like this.  The zip has been sewn in so tidily and the stitches are completely invisible as the purse has been constructed in such a way that all seams are hidden on the inside of the bag (they are hidden in the space between the outside of the bag and the visible part of the inside lining). When you look into the inside of the make-up bag there are no stitches to be seen – not even the ones where Saundra has sewn the gap in the lining closed ( The gap was needed to turn the bag inside out to finish it off) and believe me…getting those final few stitches in the lining to appear invisible is hard work! Well done Saundra on your workmanship! You should be very proud. 🙂

fabulous fripperies handmade cosmetic purse reviewThe handcrafted make-up purses are £25.00 each and when you consider that these are made from vintage fabrics that are hard to find nowadays it really does make you appreciate their value. These are made to such a high standard, they are delightful to look at and each one of the bags has been handmade with love.  If you use my exclusive discount code (which is valid until the 25th March 2015) you can actually get £5 off the price of any cosmetic purse from Fabulous Fripperies. The code you need to enter at the checkout is MummyOff. You can view the collection of make-up bags here –

fabulous fripperies handmade cosmetic purse reviewThe cosmetic purses are ideal to buy for yourself as a treat or they would be equally amazing bought as a gift for someone special. You could use them to store your make-up in (as intended) or of course you could use them for something else entirely. How about using it as a large pencil case, somewhere to store all your hair bands and hair clips or as a mini bag to carry around with you in your handbag – great for all those handbag essentials such as purse, keys, pen, tissues, etc.

The cosmetic bag will arrive beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a ribbon tied around it. There will be a handwritten label which says which fabric the bag has been made from. I love this little detail! These come completely ready to give as a gift ….question is, can you resist keeping it for yourself?!

fabulous fripperies handmade cosmetic purse reviewSaundra from Fabulous Fripperies handmakes all her gifts in the UK. The studio she works from is located in a town called Penge in South East London. She shares the studio with other crafty people that create all sorts of lovely products. Saundra and the other creative people she shares the studio with, all sell their creations under the umbrella name of SoS15 and they describe themselves as ‘The Quirky Side Of Handmade’. You can read all about SoS15 and where the name comes from by clicking here.

To visit the collection of SoS15 creations please visit their website. To see the Fabulous Fripperies range navigate your way to the Beauty section of the site.

Before I go can I say that the cosmetic purses are so pretty and I just know you will love them! Please take a moment to stop by and like SoS15 on Facebook and follow them on twitter. Remember…if you do decide to purchase a Fabulous Fripperies handmade make-up bag you can get £5 off until the 25th March 2015 by using discount code MummyOff.

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