Oooh, Look At This – Coffee…..In A Bag!! Bit Like A Tea Bag – But It’s 100% Ground Coffee!


real coffee bag co coffee bags

Hi everyone.

Just a quick post to ask you to have a look at this video from the Real Coffee Bag Co.

They sell Coffee Blends….In a Bag! Bit like a tea bag except there’s 100% ground coffee in them…and not tea leaves! 🙂

real coffee bag co coffee bagsI am currently reviewing for them and their coffee bags are amazing. Such a simple idea but really genius! The coffee made with these are a quick alternative to real percolated coffee. These have a smooth taste and are not grainy like instant coffee (which is what I normally drink) can sometimes be.

This isn’t the full review as I have more to write when I publish that. However I just wanted to ask if you would all take a moment to view this new video about Coffee Bags. They only published it yesterday. 🙂

Thanks everyone.

Also, it would be lovely if you could stop by and follow them on twitter and facebook.

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