Review Of 2 x Aloe Vera Skincare Samples From ‘Forever Living’ Distributor Rachael Walker

forever living samples

I was sent two sample sachets of Aloe Vera skincare products to try out from Forever Living distributor Rachael Walker from

The 3.5ml sachet of Aloe Moisturising Lotion was lovely. It had a really classy fragrance and the lotion was quite thin which made it easy to rub it in and for it to be absorbed into your skin. I used this on my face and you didn’t need too much for one application.  It says you can also use it as a foundation for make-up as long as you leave a thin film of it on your skin. The Aloe Moisturising Lotion costs £12.24 for 118ml. This is the description of the lotion taken from the Forever Living store :-

‘Silky moisturising cream containing nourishing aloe, jojoba oil, collagen and elastin to leave the skin feeling soft and supple. Provides all-over moisturisation for your face, hands and body whilst maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance. Its easy-to-absorb formula makes a great base for makeup application.’

The 3.5ml sample sachet of Aloe Propolis Creme was fantastic. It is a lovely thick cream that is easily applied to your skin. This has a luxurious fragrance and reminds me of the scent of a beauty salon / spa. This was my favourite of the two samples as it leaves a fragranced barrier on your skin. It is ideal for those of you with dry skin and it is suitable for people who are prone to eczema and psoriasis. It costs £14.96 for a 113g tube. This is the description of the lotion taken from the Forever Living store :-

A rich, creamy blend of aloe vera, bee propolis and camomile to help maintain healthy, beautiful skin tone and texture, with moisturising and conditioning properties. The Aloe Propolis Creme makes an excellent everyday moisturiser and helps to soothe irritation.’

If you would like to purchase any Forever Living skincare products then please visit Rachael Walker’s store. There are lots of Forever Living products to choose from.

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