Review Of The Handsome Binky Bear And His Very Own Book ‘Binky Goes To London’ + A Giveaway!! (Ends 25/04/15)

binky bear teddy and book review

Today I have a review and giveaway for you!!

My daughter has already got lots of teddies but there is always room for another one….especially a handsome little bear like Binky!

Binky Bear was sent to her for review and she absolutely adores him. She loves that he comes with his own special book that tells of his adventure in London. The poetic language is fun for me to read to my daughter and equally as enjoyable for her to listen to.

The hardback kids book it is printed in full colour and it is packed full of bright photos of Binky on his trip to London. He hopes to meet the Queen and have a cup of tea and the story tells of his journey on the way to Buckingham Palace. You get to see photos of the Pelicans at St James’s Park , pictures of Trafalgar Square and so much more. However the ultimate question is …will Binky get to meet the Queen?

I loved how the book is fun and informative. It really shows our lovely London as it is ….but from a bear’s eye view!

binky bear teddy and book reviewI was delighted that Binky and his book arrived in a pretty red polka dot gift bag and I think it would make a wonderful gift for any child. To be honest, if you know an adult who collects Teddy Bears then I think they too would love to be gifted Binky Bear as a special addition to their collection. Binky is 22cm and fully jointed. He can lift his arms up, his legs can bend and his head can be turned. He is smartly dressed in a khaki coloured waistcoat with mustard coloured buttons and he has a spotty cravat around his neck. He looks very dapper!


Dame Judi Dench is a Binky book fan and she said this of them “Anyone who loves Teddy Bears and knows of their secret lives will love this book.”


The Binky teddy that you receive is actually a smaller version of the Binky that is shown in the book but my daughter hasn’t commented on this so it doesn’t appear to matter to he in any way.  She is just over the moon to have a little teddy bear to cuddle who has featured in his very own book. In actual fact the Little Binky bear that you receive in your gift set is a fantastic size for a child’s teddy as he is big enough to be cuddled but small enough that he can be taken everywhere!

binky bear teddy and book reviewI asked my daughter for her opinion on Binky and this is what she said:-

“Binky is a lovely teddy for little children to cuddle. I think he is beautiful because he has a lovely imagination in his books. Binky likes having hugs.  I loved the book because it tells you about Binky being on his own and having his adventure. He is the sweetest bear ever!  I hope I will have my own adventures like Binky one day. He is a good teddy to cuddle at bedtime. It is a lovely postcard you get with the book. It shows Binky and the policeman.”

You can buy the Binky Bear Gift Set for £22.00 from The Postage and packaging is an additional £3.50.

It is also possible to buy Little Binky Bear on his own for £14.99 (plus £3.50 P+P)  and the books can be bought individually for £9.99 (plus £2.80 P+P).

binky bear teddy and book reviewThere are three different books available to buy :-

  • Binky’s Big Adventure – This is the first Binky book and in this you will get to see Binky at home in his home town of Alresford in Hampshire is this book.
  • Binky In Trouble –  This is the second Binky book and in this book you hear about Binky’s summer picnic in Winchester.
  • Binky Goes To London – The third book in the Binky book series is the one that tells about his trip to London. This is the one my daughter has received.

I can see so much scope for further Binky books …he could go on a trip to every county of the UK or why not on an around the world trip of a lifetime. The photos in the book are so detailed and they really feed the imagination of a young child.  I would love my daughter to explore the world through reading about stories of Binky on his travels.

binky bear teddy and book reviewThe books have an added extra….at the beginning of the story there is an illustrated map of where Binky goes on his journey. This is so that you too can follow his exact footsteps if you get the opportunity to visit the same place as Binky! You can also download the maps on the Binky Bear website.

The books are written by Moira Blackwell and Liz Nankivell.  You can read all about them here.  It is obvious from their ‘About Us’ page on their website that they are very passionate about their Binky Bear adventure stories and they pride themselves on only using the best photos in the book. They take over 3000 photographs for each book and then they have to decide on the final shots that are to be used in the finished story.

It is fantastic to see that the books are described as being ‘A thoroughly British product!’. This is because the books are printed and bound in the UK.

I highly recommend the book and Binky teddy to you all. Both of the items are made to an extremely high standard and your child will love them. They will be well and truly treasured!

You can keep up to date with Binky’s day to day adventures by following him on facebook. He can also be found sending out tweets as well  🙂

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Moira and Liz for sending Binky to his new ‘forever’ home!

To buy a Binky Bear Gift Set please click here.


If you would like to have a chance of winning an identical Binky Bear gift set to the one I have just reviewed then please enter my giveaway below. It is open to UK entrants only and it ends on the 25th April 2015.

It is a Gleam giveaway so you have lots of different ways of entering. Please take a look…. and Good Luck!

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    1. admin Post author

      Thanks so much for writing the blog post about my competition. 🙂 I hope you have lots of fun blogging. Good luck! Best wishes, Kim

  2. Victoria Wale

    I think Binky should take a trip to Australia and visit the Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef etc!

  3. Sue McCarthy

    He could visit the Channel Islands & meet our own Guernsey Teddies! The weather is glorious at tho mo……

  4. Caroline J Robinson

    I think Binky would love to travel to one of the worlds great natural wonders “The Great Barrier Reef”. Plenty of marine life, golden beaches and he would have a teddytastic time.

  5. Caroline Buckley

    The Lake District. My son would love to take him on walks with him and have photos taken on top of a mountain!


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