Review Of ‘Vanilla Links’ Double Link Silver Pendant By Jewellery Designer Nikki Galloway From

Vanilla Links nude jewellery reviewYesterday morning I received the most beautiful gift in the post. It was a silver handmade necklace from Nude Jewellery. The necklace is called ‘Double Link Silver Pendant‘ and it is from the Vanilla Links collection by jewellery designer Nikki Galloway.

It costs £85.00 and it is made from sterling silver.

The silver snake chain necklace features two links of differing sizes. These links have been lightly hammered to add texture to them and to create different surfaces so that the links catch the light.

Vanilla Links nude jewellery reviewIt is quite amazing but something as simple as two links really does look so beautiful! I always thought I had a rather more flamboyant choice in my necklaces but when Nikki herself sent this to me I was blown away when I looked at the necklace. It is so elegant and classic. It won’t become dated and will always remain in fashion. It is has a minimalistic feel to it and I love how the links just hang suspended in place. It is understated but meaningful…..

….To me the two links represent me and my young daughter. I feel like the larger circle is me, as the parent and the smaller one is her, as the child. 🙂   If you are looking at this necklace and thinking the same thing – that the links represent family bonds – then you may also like the triple link necklace or the 5 link necklace to add to your jewellery collection.

Vanilla Links nude jewellery reviewThe necklace came gift wrapped in a circle of steel grey fabric which was artfully arranged so that it looked a bit like a flower. This packaging has a subtle ‘Nude Jewellery’ tag attached to it. Upon opening the little package I found a white pillow gift box which held inside it my beautiful necklace which had been wrapped up in white tissue paper. I’ll be honest I was too intrigued to see which necklace I was lucky enough to be sent and didn’t get a picture straight away so I have re-created how the packaging was presented in the photo above.

The Vanilla Links collection is handmade by Nikki Galloway who is a jewellery designer with many years of experience and also the very proud owner of Mayfair based contemporary jewellery boutique ‘Nude Jewellery’.

Vanilla Links nude jewellery review

Nikki sells her Vanilla Links collection of handmade designer jewellery exclusively in her Nude Jewellery boutique. There are many other items in this particular collection and I have featured them all in the collage photo above.  You will find the links to the items by clicking the jewellery names below:-  (Please note that the prices were correct as of 06/03/15 but may be subject to change)

Other than the wonderful necklace that I was sent to review I also adore the Vanilla Links Weave Bracelet that is available on the boutique website. It would make a beautiful birthday or wedding gift for somebody.

It looks so intricate and pretty. I love how the delicate strings of chain bracelet intertwine with the polished circular links.  The juxtaposition of the structured links with the fluid bracelet is a real treat to the eye and has a very modern feel to it.

Vanilla Links nude jewellery reviewI hope that my review has inspired you all to visit the Nude Jewellery website , or of course you could always go and see the actual London designer Jewellery boutique. It is situated in the quaint village-like area of Shepherd Market in the heart of Mayfair, central London.  It is open Mon- Sat 10am – 6pm.

You can follow the team behind Nude Jewellery on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Stop by and say hi to them. 🙂

Can I just say….if you are looking for a memorable Mother’s Day gift for Mum next Sunday (15th March) then maybe you could treat her to a piece of jewellery from the Nude Jewellery website. There is the option of Next Day Delivery (£9.95 on UK orders) if you only get to read this a couple of days before the big day and are running out of time.

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