I’m Delighted That Our ‘Review’ Keepsake Bunny ‘Spot’ Has Been Featured On ‘Blissful Gifts And Services’ New Leaflet!

blissful baby giftsI have just seen that Blissful Baby Gifts has launched a rebrand of her business today. She has a new company name  – now ‘Blissful Gifts & Services’, a new look website and great new advertising materials. Why does this make me smile though?? Because Jennifer has chosen to feature my lovely keepsake bunny ‘Spot’ on the leaflets! Yay!

Here at My Mummy Reviews HQ we are are delighted that our lovely teddy ‘Spot’ (so called as she is made from my daughter’s old polka dot clothing) will be seen by lots of lovely people. I am quite sure that one look at the ‘Polkadotty Beauty’ and people will want to order their very own keepsake. 🙂

Jennifer very kindly made the beautiful keepsake bunny for me to review on my blog and you can read how much I loved it by clicking this link  ——> Review Of My ‘Polka Dot’ Majestic Baby Bunny Keepsake Teddy Made By Blissful Baby Gifts From My Daughter’s Outgrown Clothes

I highly recommend her keepsake-making service as she has turned two old but treasured garments into a wonderful keepsake that we can treasure forever.  I was very impressed by her professional sewing and the quick turnaround time. Plus, she is so friendly!

Please stop by the Blissful Gifts & Services Website and take a look at the gorgeous things she can make for you from your child’s outgrown clothing. You can also find Jennifer on twitter and facebook. Please hop on over and say hi to her! (Get it –  Hop, Bunny and it’s Easter!  I couldn’t help myself! Happy Easter to you all!)

review of Blisful baby Gifts keepsake teddy

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